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Post-doctoral Mobile Research Stations


Being one of first cohort of universities in Jiangxi province with post-doctoral mobile research stations, JUFE has so far set up five post-doctoral mobile research stations for applied economics, theoretical economics, management sciences and Engineering, business administration, and statistics respectively, and so far has enrolled more than 100 post-doctorial students in total, thanks to its strong team of supervisors whose specialties cover a majority of subjects and research areas in the above five academic areas.

1. Post-doctoral Mobile Research Station for Applied Economics;
The post-doctoral mobile research station for applied economics at JUFE was established in 2005, and covers disciplines of national economics, regional economics, industrial economics, public finance (incl. taxation), finance (incl. insurance), international trade, statistics, econometrics, labor economics, and etc.
The station possesses an academic team of 10 professors and 32 associate professors, as well as 11 post-doctoral collaborative supervisors: Liao Jinqiu, Wang Qiao, Lu Fucai, Jiang Jinfa, Hu Yanchen, Shijing (from ANU), Yan Wu, Lv Jianglin, and Kuang Xiaoping.

2. Post-doctoral Mobile Research Station for Management Science and Engineering.
Business administration is one of the oldest and strongest disciplines at JUFE, covering subjects and research areas of business administration, accounting, financial management, marketing, logistics Management, human resource management, technical economy and technical management.
In 1985 JUFE was granted a charter to confer master degree in accounting as one of first groups of universities which were able to confer master degree in accounting. In 1998 the MBA program was developed; since 2008 a joint PhD program with Coventry University in UK came into existence; the establishment of the post-doctoral mobile research station got approved in 2009, employing 6 post-doctoral supervisors so far: Mr. Wu Zhaoyun, Mr. Zhang Lei, Mr. Li Liangzhi, Mr. Hu Yuchen, Mr. Yanghui, and Mr. Wang Yaode. 
3. Post-doctoral Mobile Research Station for Management Science and Engineering.
The post-doctoral mobile research station for management science and engineering was established in the Faculty of Information Management at JUFE. Two disciplines: management science and engineering were set up in 1988 and started to recruit bachelor students the following year, with two subjects of information management & system and management science until now.
In 2000 JUFE was authorized to confer master degree in two first-grade of disciplines: management science and engineering, with the 5 research areas of information system and management, managerial decision, E-commerce, financial engineering and engineering management.
In 2003 JUFE gained the doctorate authorization in the first grade disciplines of management science and engineering. There are 4 second grade disciplines: information system, information management, E-commerce and E-government administration at present, which were approved in 2005 to be among the key disciplines of the eleventh"Five Years"plan of Jiangxi province. The station was established the following year with its 5 collaborative supervisors: Mr. Xu Shenghua, Mr. Mei Guoping, Mr. Yi Jiandong, Mr. Le Zhongjian, Mr. Wan Changxuan, Mr. Liu Manfeng and Mr. Kong Fanbin.
4. Post-doctoral Mobile Research Station for Theory Economics.
The discipline of “Theory Economics” was approved to be among the Jiangxi provincials’ “Most Important” disciplines. The station is equipped with a well-structured team of enlightened educators who are characterized as experienced, academically prepared, and cooperative. Among them there are 12 leaders in their chosen fields at both provincial and ministerial levels; 2 are from the first and second tiers of the Jiangxi provincial “Millions Talent Project”; 4 enjoy the special allowances from both the State Council and provincial government, 3 academic backbones in philosophy and sociology in higher education in Jiangxi province, and 10 doctoral supervisors. The station was set up in 2006 with 8 post-doctoral collaborative supervisors: Mr. Wu Shian, Mr. Wang Xiaoping, Mr. Fan Baozhang, Mr. Wen Rui, Mr. Chen Fuliang, Mr. Zhang Jinming, Mr. Xu Tongsheng and Mr. Kong Fanbin.
5. Post-doctoral Mobile Research Station for Statistics.Statistics is a traditional and competitive discipline at JUFE and was one of first batch of the three bachelor degree programs in 1978.In 2008, JUFE was granted to be one of first categories of the academic backbones in Jiangxi higher education, gained the doctorate authority on first grade subjects in 2011, and was among the first group of universities to possess post-doctoral mobile research station for statistics the following year. The major research fields and subjects cover enterprise statistics and decision-making system, XML data base, Web information management, information retrieval, data mining, financial statistics, economic statistic and analysis, optimized theories and methodology, performance assessment, statistics and decision making, ecological economy, ecological environment statistics, quantitative analysis and settlement of non-market service. The station has 6 post-doctoral supervisors: Mr. Luo Liangqing, Mr. Liao Jinqiu, Mr. Hu Yancheng, Mr. Wan Changxuan, Mr. Liu Manfeng, and Prof: Shi Jing (from ANU).

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