School of Marxism Studies



School of Marxism Studies was founded in July 2009, its predecessor was established in year 1990, the Marxism-Leninism Teaching Department. The successive leaders are Ao Chuanzhuo, Kuang Cuijian, Shen Qianfang, Zhong Hua, Chen Jiaqi, Xie Xinli and Liu Biaowen, the current dean is Chen Shifa, Secretary of Party branch is Jiang Shuifa, and vice deans are Huang Xinrong, Xia Degen and Tang Shulin. 

The school has six departments, Department of Philosophy, Department of History, Department of Political Science, Department of Ideological and Political System, Department of Ecological Civilization and Modern Chinese Research Center, and the School Office. It also has 5 non entity Research Institutes, Theoretical System of Socialism with Chinese Characteristics Research Center, Red Culture, Party Conduct and Incorrupt Government Construction Research Center, Administrative Ability Training and Testing Center, Cultural Industry Development and Policy Studies Institute, and Social Gender and Development Studies Institute.

The school has 1 second-level doctoral program "Marxism theory and China's economic and social development", 2 first-level master programs "Marxism theory" and "Political science"; 7 second-level master programs "Principles of Marxism", "Chinese Marxism research", "The ideological and political education", "Political theory", "Philosophy of Science and technology", "History of the Communist Party of China", and "Chinese modern history". The first-level discipline "Marxism theory" is the "Twelfth Five" provincial key discipline, and "The outline of Chinese modern history" is a provincial excellent course. 

The school has 46 staff, of which, 41 full-time teachers, 11 professors, 18 associate professors, 11 lecturers; 22 PhD., 3 in the progress of a PhD. program, 19 masters; 3 doctoral tutors, 22 tutors of master; 3 provincial and ministerial academic leaders, 1 “Millions of Talents in Jiangxi Province Project”, 2 provincially renowned teachers, and 1 provincial-level research backbone teacher. In recent years the school teachers presided over the completion of 5 national social science fund projects, and there are 5 national social science fund projects in progress; presided over the completion of 39 provincial and ministerial level research projects, and there are 12 provincial and ministerial level projects in progress. The school teachers has published 15 academic works, and published more than 150 papers in CSSCI journals; published 23 papers in the national authoritative journals including “Philosophy Studies", "Qiu Shi", "Xinhua Digest ", "the Chinese Communist Party History Research", "Dialectics of Nature", "Bright Daily", "Contemporary World Socialism", "Foreign Social Science" and "World History"; won 29 provincial or above teaching and research awards.

The school has assumed the teaching tasks of "Ideological and Political Theory Course" for all doctor, undergraduate and graduate students. In year 2008 the school was awarded “the Jiangxi Province Universities Ideological and Political Theory Course Advanced Institution”, in year 2009 it was awarded “the Jiangxi Province Universities Ideological and Political Theory Education Advanced Institution”.

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