School of Information Management



The School of Information Management is founded in July, 1998. Up to this day, there is a post-doctoral program in management science and engineering. The doctoral programs cover research fields ranging from first-level principle of management science and engineering to five second-level principles, which include information management and information system, E-commerce and E-government, economic management and decision analysis, service computing and application and quantitative economics. The School also awards mater’s degree to students of various majors, from 2 first-level principles(information science and engineering 、computer science and technology), 1 second-level principle(quantitative economics), to 3 master of engineering programs in engineering of computer technology, logistic engineering and project management.

The School has four undergraduate majors: information management and information system, computer science and technology, information and computing science and management science, among which information management and information system ranks as the national distinguished major, information management and information system and computer science and technology rank as the brand major of Jiangxi Province and computer science and technology ranks as the distinguished major of Jiangxi Province.

The School has not only five teaching departments: Department of Information Management, Department of Computer Science and Technology, Department of Mathematics and Quantitative Economics, Department of Mathematics and Management Decision and Department of Experiment Center, but an Experiment Teaching Demonstration Center of E-commerce Technology of higher learning institutions of Jiangxi Province, which includes the elementary laboratory of program design, modern database technology lab, information system lab, E-commerce technology lab, quantitative economics lab, mathematical modeling lab, networking protocol and networking technology lab and three other labs used exclusively for graduation projects of network application and Web service, application and development of multimedia technology and software development and database application.

There are 105 staffs in School of Information Management, including 92 full-time teachers, 3 distinguished visiting professors and 13 administrative staffs. Among the 92 teachers, there are 12 doctoral supervisors (including visiting ones), 42 master’s supervisors, 23 professors (including 3 chief ones and 3 specially-appointed professors), 32 associate professors, 4 experts entitled to Special Government Allowance Award by the State Council, 2 experts receive the special subsidy awarded by Jiangxi Government, 1 expert selected by the Program for New Century Excellent Talents in University of Ministry of Education, 3 candidates for the leading talents training program of Jiangxi “Ganpo Talents 555 Project”, 1 candidate for top talents program of flexible distinguished professor, 4 candidates for the Program for New Century Talents of Jiangxi Province, 8 Young and Middle-aged Discipline Leader, higher learning institutions of Jiangxi Province, 8 backbone teachers of Jiangxi Province, 3 outstanding teachers of Jiangxi Province, 1 has the title of Young Scientist of Jiangxi Province, 1 receives the title of Top Ten Tech Stars of Jiangxi Province, 54 with doctoral degree and 12 PhD candidates.

The research teams have chaired 42 projects supported by the National Natural Science Foundation, 12 projects supported by the National Social Science Foundation and more than 120 projects of provincial and ministerial level in recent years. Besides, the School have won many awards: the third prize of National Science and Technology Progress Award, and more than 20 awards of provincial and ministerial prize for natural science, progress in science and technology and outstanding achievements in social and scientific research. Over 200 papers have been published in authorized journals, among which 70 were included in SCI and 180 in EI. Apart from these, the School has published more than 40 monographs and textbooks. Academic communication and cooperation are made with universities in USA, Sweden, Switzerland, Austria, UK, Australia, Korea, Japan, Canada, Germany, Hong Kong, etc. , and we have sent more than 20 teachers to study abroad.

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