School of Physical Education



School of Physical Education (National Defense Education Department) was established on the basis of the original Military Physical Education Department in year 2003. It has five teaching sections: Basket, Volleyball and Football Teaching Section, Table-tennis, Badminton and Tennis Teaching Section, Comprehensive Teaching Section, Sports Theory Teaching and Research Section, and Military Theory Teaching and Research Section, as well as Social Sports Central and Provincial Co-build Practice Base, Jiangxi Province Social Physical Experimental Teaching Demonstration Center, Jiangxi University of Finance and Economics International Sports Industry Research Institute and many other research institutions. School of Physical Education (National Defense Education Department) is responsible for all public sports courses, military theory courses and freshmen military training, and enrolling Sports Economy Management Master students (awarded a master's degree in Management) and Social Sports undergraduate students (sports category candidates for undergraduates, awarded Bachelor of education). 

The school has 63 staff, including 3 professors, 25 associate professors, 9 PhD, 14 masters; 8 national referees, 9 first level social sports instructors, 2 athletes, 3 university gold medal lecturers. According to the "Healthy sports, happy sports, personal sports, lifelong physical education" teaching philosophy, the school set up tennis, skating, taekwondo, yoga, fencing, rock climbing and multiple emerging public sports courses in Jiangxi Province. The public physical education mode options are mature, enjoys a leading position in the province. Tennis is our characteristic project, has striking achievements, high level sports students were approved to recruit in year 2011. 

The university has rich sports venues resources, there are over 8 square meters’ sports venues, is in the nationally leading position. The sports center under the administration of the school is responsible for the management of the university’s sports venues, the venues are open all the year round, providing fitness and leisure services for teachers and students. The rich competition resources provide guarantee for participating in and undertaking high level sports events. Since the founding of the school, the school has undertaken many major tournaments, with the aid of the school’s professional teams. The events that the school organized were rich in content, lively in the forms, and reported by CCTV, Sports Weekly and other domestic authoritative media. The school sports teams made outstanding achievements, won first prize 32 times in the provincial sports competitions, and before the sixth place 146 times. 

Butting with the university economic management disciplines’ advantage and development directions, Sports industry is our school’s dominant discipline and research orientation. The school has won  6 National Fund projects (including a major national project) for four consecutive years since year 2008, the amount of subsidy added up to more than 1 million yuan, comes out in front in the counterparts in similar universities and colleges. During the Nanchang 2011 seventh City Games, over 100 school teachers and students got involved in the research, organization and service work, commended by provincial leaders and seventh City Games Council Committee. 

Physical education is the most practical, the most effective and the most interesting means to train outstanding citizens. The ultimate aim of sports, is not only to win the championship, but more to cultivate a perfect personality. Sports are not only for personal training, but more for developing the spirit of unity and cooperation. The school staff and students will continuously adhere to the "Complete personality, first in sports” motto, carry forward the "unremitting self-improvement, strive for the first” spirit of sports, enrich the connotation, highlight the characteristic, serve the university staff and students’ physical and mental health, make new contributions for the implementation of the university’s "Go stronger" final target.

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