School of Statistics



School of statistics was established in year 1923 from the Jiangxi Provincial School Business Statistics Department. Statistics is the traditional advantageous speciality, in year 1978 and 1985, it respectively obtained the right of running undergraduate and master program, in year 1997, 2001 and 2006 Statistics was granted “the provincial key discipline” for three times, in year 2002 Statistics was named brand specialty in Jiangxi province, in year 2006 the Statistics master program was rated as exemplary master program in Jiangxi province. In year 2011, under the approval of the State Council degree office, our university became one of the first batch of China's Statistics doctoral granting unit, which adds infinite power for the development of the university and the school. The school has Department of Mathematical Statistics, Department of Economic Statistics, Department of Financial Statistics, and Statistical Theory Research Center, Applied Statistics Research Center, National Economic Accounting Research Center, Ecological Economics Statistics Center and other research institutions.

In the 30 years’ undergraduate education history, the school has produced a large number of teachers excellent in both professional skills and moral integrity. Among the 35 school teachers, there is 1 Ministry of Education Teaching Guidance Committee committee member, 2 Jiangxi province Renowned Teacher, 15 Professors, 25 with PhD, 2 in the progress of a doctoral program. In recent years, the school has made significant achievements in teaching, research and serving the local economy. It has assumed a total of more than 50 national, provincial and ministerial level, and horizontal research projects, and established a national experimental teaching demonstration center "Economic Management and Business Simulation Teaching Center" -- a computer-assisted telephone survey (CATI) laboratory. 

The school adheres to the development pattern of graduate education as the guide, undergraduate education as the main body, and various forms of cooperative education as complements. In postgraduate education, the school adheres to the theory teaching module, a plurality of practice teaching, improving the graduate students’ academic qualities and comprehensive abilities gradually. The graduates have been favored by major banks, securities and other financial institutions, and large consulting companies. In the undergraduate education, the school adheres to cultivating the students as the foundation, taking innovation cultivation as the outline, adapting to the needs of society as the purpose, stimulating students’ interest as the source, actively expands classroom space, and strives to cultivate students' application and innovation ability. It gradually formed a unique "Triple into the three supporting" application type talents training mode (classroom, campus, social linkage; learn to approach, using the method of progressive, innovative method; basic theory education platform, practical training platform, innovative research platform as support), realization the seamless docking of theory, practice and innovation, and ensured high-quality personnel training. 

In year 2006, the Statistics specialty ranked the eighth in the province's employment rate of undergraduate students, which was the only economic discipline among the top ten disciplines. Inside the university, the Statistics specialty enjoys the reputation of "3 high" (high quality of employment, high employment rate, high rate of postgraduate admission). Since the university counted employment rankings in year 2002, the employment rate of Statistics specialty ranked the top three in consecutive seven years from 2002 to 2008, the routine employment rate of Statistics specialty ranked the first from 2002 to 2006, sweeping all the awards in the university’s graduate employment work, is the university’s only employment work demonstration unit. "Jiangxi University of Finance and Economics employment services launched five project" from Xinhuanet.com Jiangxi channel in January 24th, "Jiangxi University of Finance and Economics: Full employment training and sustainable employment resources " from "China Education Daily" March 16, 2007, "Jiangxi University of Finance and Economics set off a student employment mobilization" from "Jiangxi daily" March 27th, "In College Students Employment: information subdivision improved the success rate" from "Jiangxi daily" June 9th, reported and highly evaluated the school’s employment work. In recent years, the Statistics specialty’s employment advantage, the quality of employment and the employment rate appears day by day. 

The school adheres to the open education, and actively carris out exchanges and cooperation at home and abroad, holds conferences occasionally, inviting well-known domestic and foreign experts to the school to carry out academic exchanges and seminars, teaching students the related discipline front knowledge, broadening the horizons of students, and stimulating students' learning enthusiasm. The State Statistical Bureau former deputy director general He Keng; deputy director of National Statistic Bureau Xu Xianchun; former Secretary of Party committee of University of Central Finance and Economics Qiu Dong; former President of Southwestern University of Finance and Economics Pang Hao; University of Northeastern Finance and Economics Statistics Department Dean and Professor Jiang Ping and other famous Statistic experts came to school to give lectures.

The school focuses on the combination of classroom theory and social practice. Through the student associations, entering the countryside in the summer and a variety of cultural and sports activities, the school established practice bases in Jiangxi Province Bureau of statistics, National Survey Corps Jiangxi Branch and other institutions, providing a broad platform for the vast number of statistics students’ practice, having won wide acclaim. In May 2010, the school won the first, second, and third prize of the “National Colleges Business Market Survey and Analysis Skills Contest Final”.

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