School of Art



School of Arts was established in year 2009, it is composed of the Department of Musicology and Department of Art and Design of the original School of Arts and Communication, and the Department of Industrial Design and Department of Landscape Architecture of the original School of Resources and Environment Management. It now has 4 undergraduate programs: Musicology, Art and Design, Industrial Design, and Landscape Design, Art first-level master program, and two second-level master programs: Musicology, Ornamental Horticulture and Landscape Plants. 

The school has 80 teachers, among them 10 professors, 16 associate professors, and 14 doctors, 1 Ministry of Culture Industry Talents with High Skills, 1 Jiangxi Province “Thousands of Talents in Colleges and Universities”, 1 Jiangxi Province young subject leaders, and several members of Chinese Musicians Association, Chinese Artists Association, and Chinese Calligrapher's Association. The teachers are from wide sources and have high level of educational background.

The school adheres to the idea of “Deep foundation, strong ability, application of the concept”, explores three classroom interaction mode of training, and cultivated a batch of high-quality talents. Students have made outstanding achievements in the Red Dot, If, Idea, China Star Design Contest, National College Students Advertisement Design Competition and Chinese Academy Award.

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