School of Finance



The School of Finance was founded in year 2003. In year 2009, it was merged with School of Statistics into School of Finance and Statistics. In year 2011, the School of Finance and Statistics was split again and the new School of Finance was founded. Since the founding of the school in year 2003, the school teachers spent great efforts and collective wisdom, created the "Finance" specialty and achieved remarkable results. The school has the only "Finance" doctorate program, and has "Finance" master program, "Master of Finance", "Master of Insurance" professional degree programs, offering two undergraduate majors "Finance" and "Insurance".

"Finance" won the first brand specialties in Jiangxi Province in year 2002. It has been named the "Fifteen", "Eleven five" planning key disciplines, in year 2006 it was named the second batch of demonstrative master program, in year 2007 it was conferred the first first-class professional title by the Ministry of Education. Te school’s main professional course "Theory and Practice of Securities Investment" has become a national quality course. The four courses "Money and Banking ", "International Finance", "Securities Investment", "International Finance" are the provincial excellent courses. At the same time the central and local government co-build project "Financial simulation laboratory" has been put into use. 

The school has four teaching departments, Department of Monetary Banking, Department of International Finance, Department of Securities Investment and Department of Insurance. It has a Jiangxi province Humanities and Social Sciences Key Research Base -- Financial Development and Risk Management Research Center. It also has three university level research institutions -- Finance Institute, Sino-Australian Capital Markets Research Center and Research Institute of securities and Futures. The school has also established other research institutions such as the Application of Finance Research Center. 

The School of Finance has the traditional advantages among the teaching schools of Jiangxi University of Finance and Economics. It has formed an outstanding faculty team with reasonable knowledge structure, professional title structure, knowledge structure and age structure through years of teaching and research work. The school has 52 full-time teachers, including 16 professors, 17 associate professors, 27 teachers with doctoral degree; among them, 3 enjoy the State Council special government allowances of experts, 1 national level teaching teacher, 2 Jiangxi Province renowned teachers, 1 Jiangxi Province outstanding contribution talent prize winner, 5 Jiangxi Province young subject leaders, 1 "millions of Talents Project in Jiangxi province.", 1 Jiangxi Province Colleges Humanities and Social Sciences leading talent, as well as an outstanding teaching team of "Finance" course in Jiangxi Province represented by Professor Lv Jianglin. In recent years, the school increases introduction of high level and overseas talents, optimizing the allocation of teaching resources, has built a dedicated and innovative teaching and research team with doctoral tutors Hu Yuancheng, Lv Jianglin, Yan Wu, Wang Yang and Zou Ling as the core, teachers with high degree and high professional titles as the backbone, and young and middle-aged teachers as the main body.

Throughout the years, the school adheres to the "Fidelity, Excellence, Integrity, Dedication" motto, pays attention to scientific research and academic innovation of the “Finance” discipline, has gradually concluded some stable research directions characteristic with the monetary and banking theory and practice, theory and practice of international finance, capital markets and risk management, and corporate finance theory and policy. A large number of high quality scientific research achievements have emerged. In recent years, the school teachers published over 70 academic papers in important journals at home and abroad including "Applied Economics Letters", "Actual Problems of Economics", "Economics Study", "Management World", "World Economy" and "Financial Research", presided over the completion of more than 90 research projects at all levels of various types such as the National Social Science Fund projects, the National Natural Science Fund projects, and the Ministry of Education Humanities and Social Science research projects, published more than 30 works and textbooks, was awarded the Ministry of Education the Fourth China Universities Humanities and Social Science Research Excellent Achievement Third Prize, won 19 Jiangxi Province Outstanding Social Sciences Achievement Awards.

The school also actively exchanged with academic peers, it has hosted various types of international and domestic meetings in recent years such as "Financial Innovation, Financial Development and Risk Prevention International Seminar" in 2007, "2008 China Finance Discipline Construction Seminar" in 2008, "Thirteenth National Finance Postgraduate Entrance Examination Work Conference" in 2009, and "21st Century China Financial Industry Sustainable Development Forum" in 2010. At the same time, the school teachers made suggestions for local economy construction, participated actively in the government decision consulting, enterprise management consulting and staff training and other activities at all levels, received good praise and wide recognition. The school established broad and close academic exchanges and educational cooperation with the Australian National University, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, and other well-known domestic and foreign universities, research institutions and academic organizations, its education internationalization level is continuously improving.

At present, the school has more than 2000 full-time students enrolled, of which, over 1700 undergraduate students and over 240 postgraduates. The school students are required to master the “Finance” professional knowledge and skills, encouraged to actively participate in various academic competitions. Students of our school team won the group gold medal in the first "Shihua Cup" National University Student Simulated Stock Trading Contest, was awarded the third prize in the first "Industrial and Commercial Bank of China Cup" National University Student Bank Product Design Contest. In the future, the school will continue to carry forward the excellent academic tradition, committed to reform and innovation, improve the teaching and research quality, strive to build heavy, informative, distinctive characteristics, high international level School of Finance.

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