School of Law



School of law originated from Economic Law Teaching Section of the Department of Economics in year 1984. In March 1985, the Department of Economic Law was established, in May 1999, its name was changed to the Department of Law. In September 2001, the School of Law was established on the basis of the Department of Law. The School of Law has four teaching departments: Civil and Commercial Law Department, Economic Law Department, Law Department, Constitutional and Administrative Law Department, and seven research institutes: Jiangxi Ecological Law Research Center, Institute of the Economic Law, etc., as well as the Master of Laws (JM) Education Center, the Comprehensive Experimental Center, School Office, Sub-committee, Alumni Liaison Office, International Cooperation and Exchange Office and other administrative bodies. 

Since year 1999 the School of Law gained the authority to confer five master’s degrees: Economic Law, Criminal Law, Procedure Law, Constitutional and Administrative Law, Civil and Commercial Law and 1 Master of Laws (JM) degree, and not long ago the school gained the Law first level Master's degree granting right. The school obtained the first JM degree and the first Master of Law degree granting right in Jiangxi province, is one of the schools among the nation's colleges and universities of Finance and economics which obtained the JM degree granting right, has the largest number of law doctors or law doctoral students among the counterparts in Jiangxi province. Our Economic Law was rated as key subject for two consecutive times in Jiangxi province, Law is the national characteristic specialty, the management of the undergraduate major, brand specialty and characteristic specialty in Jiangxi Province. The Comprehensive Law Experimental Center is the experimental teaching demonstration center among Jiangxi Universities, the "multiple circulation type" application type financial law talents training model innovation experimentation area is the Jiangxi Province personnel training mode innovation experimentation area, "Yu Zhang prison teaching practice base" and "Rural South Lake Primary School Students' social practice base" are the Jiangxi province university students social practice demonstration bases.

The school has 63 staff, including 51 full-time teachers, 23 with doctoral degrees, 15 doctor students, the doctoral degree holders and doctor students account for 75% of the full-time teachers; 18 professors, 18 associate professors, professors and associate professors account for 71% of full-time teachers; 4 Jiangxi province discipline leaders, 7 Jiangxi Province backbone teachers, 5 university backbone teachers; 1 doctoral tutor, 31 tutors of master. Since year 2005, the School of Law teachers have made rich research achievements, there are 11 national social science fund projects approved, 13 Ministry of Justice and Ministry of Education projects approved, published 4 papers on "Law Study", published 43 academic monographs, and won 29 above provincial research achievement awards, the quality and quantity of the law research results are listed the first place in Jiangxi province. The school successfully held the 2005 annual meeting of National Economic Law Society, Economic Law High-end Forum in 2006, Foreign Legal History annual meeting in 2007, National Commercial Law annual meeting in 2008, National Law Journals Research Association annual meeting in 2009, Economic Law Subject Construction and Development Forum in 2010, invited more than 20 domestic legal experts to lecture at school annually. Currently the school established a stable academic relations with Taiwan Soochow University and Shih Chien University, and established regular contact with many domestic colleges and universities, especially the famous law schools (Institutes), send an average of nearly 40 person-time teachers to participate in domestic and international academic seminars or training. The school hired Jiang Ping, Liang Huixing, Chen Xingliang, Qing Feng, Pan Weida, Hong Jiayin and other famous scholars and judicial department leaders as a law guest professor, often invited renowned experts at home and abroad come to law school to give lectures. Jiang Ping, Chen Guangzhong, Zhao Bingzhi, Yang Zixuan, Ma kechang, Liang Huixing, Yang Zhenshan, Long Weiqiu, Qing Feng, Pan Weida, Hong Jiayin, Ruike· Sa and other experts have come to school for many times to give lectures. 

At present the school has 421 students, 428 second degree students, 731 master students, including 241 Master of law students, 490 JM students (187 full-time JM students). It is among the few similar institutions who can issue a "double certificate", and is in the forefront of the counterparts in the innovation of teaching methods. To develop entrepreneurial legal personnel with " Fidelity, Excellence, Integrity, Dedication " qualities,  the school firmly established the philosophy of education with legal occupation education as the main body and adding quality education through repeated exploration, and gradually formed a "thick foundation, wide caliber, strong ability, good practice" characteristics of the personnel training mode. The school formed the "speak, write, debate, practice" teaching method as the leading professional training feature. 

The school has excellent teaching and office facilities. It has a new modern teaching and office building in Mailu campus, with multi-media classrooms, moot court, legal information room, electronic reading room and other facilities. The facilities are first-class domestically.

The school is a small school in student size, but the school’s league work is strong in the university. The school’s sub-committee won the province's “May 4th Red Youth League" and "the May 4th Red Flag Communist Youth League”, the school’s youth volunteer association won "the Jiangxi Province ten outstanding units", the school’s social practice service team won "the province's excellent social practice service team", the Students' Rights Center won "the province’s demonstration center for college students associations". The school’s Party branch obtained "the province's colleges and universities advanced grass-roots party organizations," and "the province's colleges and universities ideological and political education advanced units". In the second session of the National University law college student English contest, the school students won 1 second prize, 3 third prizes, and the school won the prize for the best organization.

After nineteen years of unremitting efforts, the school has almost achieved the goal of “Having an advantage in Jiangxi, having characteristics among counterparts, influential in the whole nation, developing overseas”, and is working toward the new and higher goal.

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