School of Economics



On November 18, 1999 the School of Economics was established with the Department of Economics and the National Economy Management Teaching Group of Department of Planning Statistics approved by the Ministry of Finance. The current Dean is Prof. Chen Fuliang, doctoral tutor, the Secretary of general Party branch is Prof. Bi Zhenghua, Vice Deans are associate professor Xi Xiaoyan, Prof. Liao Weidong, associate professor Li Guomin, and Peng Min, vice secretary of the Party branch is associate professor Wu Taifu. 

The School of Economics consists of three teaching departments, school administrative office, teaching affairs office, and school Youth League committee.  

Department of Economics
It is a teaching and research unit focusing on fostering "Political Economics" and other professional postgraduate students and “Economics” undergraduate students, and mainly studying Marx economics theory. The Department has the first Political Economics doctoral and master program in Jiangxi province, and has a high level of "Academic Economics" in Jiangxi province universities. 

There is one master program (Political Economics), 7 master tutor: Professor Wang Xiaoping, Professor Dai Dayuan, Professor Jiang Jianqiang, Professor Zhang Jiliang, Professor Kang Jingping, Professor Gong Lixin, Professor Xiong Jun, Professor Luo Xiongfei, and Professor Peng wuhan. There is one undergraduate program (Economics), with a yearly enrollment of 200 students. 

The current Dean is assistant professor Peng Xinwan. There are 15 teachers, they are: Professor Kang Jingping, Professor Zhang Jiliang, Professor Peng Wuhan, Professor Gong Lixin, Professor Xiong Jun, Professor Luo Xiongfei, Professor Peng Xinwan, associate professor Xu Guangwei, associate professor Feng Fuyu, associate professor Gui Lin, lecturer Duan Changzheng, lecturer Wan Daoqin, lecturer Yang Yong, lecturer Zhang Hong, and lecturer Hu Delong.

Department of National Economy Management
The department fosters professional talents in the field of strategic planning, consulting for macroeconomic running, national economic management teaching and research, and the development of regional economy for all levels of government, large and medium-sized enterprises, various kinds of social intermediary organizations, and universities. The department has undergraduate programs, master's program (National Economics) and on-the-job graduate class. The National Economics master program enrolls 10 to 15 students per year, and it has three research directions: Macroeconomic Operation and Control, Investment Economics and Management, Economic Development Strategy and Planning. The current Dean is Professor Yang Feihu, and there are 10 teachers.  

Department of International Economics

It is a teaching and research unit focusing on fostering develop Western Economics graduate students and Economics of International Economics direction undergraduate students, and studying Western Economics, Institutional Economics, and International Economics theory. The Department has the earliest Western Economics doctoral and master's programs in Jiangxi province, and has a high level of "Academic Economics" in Jiangxi province universities.

The Department has 20 full-time teachers, of which, 3 doctoral tutors, 8 tutor of Master; 4 professors, 7 associate professors, 8 lecturers; 10 PhD, and 7 in the progress of doctoral program. The current Dean is associate professor Rao Xiaohui, and the Deputy Dean is Dr. Luo Changhan. Other teachers are: Professor Liao Weidong, Professor Huang Wenhua, Professor Yuan Qingming Xi Xiaoyan, associate professor, associate professor, his associate professor He Jianchun, Professor Zou Donghong, Professor Bao Ganfeng, Professor Li Guomin, Professor Luo Changhan, Professor Zhou Haiou, Professor Rao Xiaohui, lecturer Zhao Zhifeng, lecturer Yu Hongbin, lecturer Lei Jun and lecturer Yu Guoping.

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