School of International Economics and Trade



School of International Trade and Economics of Jiangxi University of Finance and Economics is formerly known as Department of Trade and Economic, founded in year 1958. In year 1987 it was changed to the Department of International Economics and Trade. In July 1998, the Department of International Economics and Trade and the Department of Economics and Trade English merged to form School of International Trade and Economics. In September 2000, the Department of Economics and Trade English withdrew, and the remaining department and specialties formed School of International Trade and Economics. The school has the Department of International Trade, Department of E-commerce and other institutions. It has two majors, International Trade and E-commerce. It has two master’s programs, International Trade and World Economy, and International Trade is the only key discipline in the subject area in Jiangxi province, and it is also one of the ten brand specialties of the university. The school is committed to the training of high-level compound international trade talents, and enjoys a high reputation in the country. 

The successive leaders of the school are Wu Peiran, Jiang Yanping, Lai Yaying, Huang Zhiyong, Wu Shian, Hu Huicai, Liao goal, Zhan Yong, Chen Mianshui and Huang Jianjun. The current Dean is Dr. Yuan Honglin, the secretary of general Party branch is Liu Jinfeng, vice secretary of the Party branch is Ye Shaoyi, and vice deans are Zhang Xifeng, Liu Xiaofeng, Liu Zhenlin and Wu Zhaoyang. 

The school has more than 30 international trade experts and professors, including 6 professors and 13 associate professors, 10 teachers with doctoral degrees, 2 doctoral tutors, 14 tutors of master, 5 provincial academic leaders, 2 enjoy special government allowances of the State Council. The school has formed a teaching team with young and middle-aged teachers as the main body, and with a reasonable knowledge structure. In addition, the school also hired a batch of scholars well-known at home and abroad, and entrepreneurs serving as visiting professors. The distinguished economist, a specialist in international trade, former Vice President of Foreign Economics and Trade University, Professor Wang Linsheng was hired as the honorary dean of our school.

The school has more than 1400 undergraduate students, and 70 graduate students. The school lays emphasis on the human-based management, takes the aim of cultivating compound, applied and innovative talents, and emphasizes on improving students' comprehensive qualities. Since year 2002, the school started on Undergraduates’ entrepreneurship education and the tutorial system, which were welcomed by students. In year 2003, my school Youth League Committee was awarded by the Ministry of Education and the Central Committee of the Communist Youth League the "Five Four National Flag Youth League Committee".

The school attaches great importance to improving the qualities of teachers, puts forth efforts on enhancing the teachers' teaching skills by arranging trainings, participating in domestic and international conferences and building joint-research academic teams. In recent years, the school plays its professional International Trade advantages, actively seeking international academic exchanges, has sent more than 20 teachers to the United States, Germany, Britain, Sweden, Canada, Austria, Holland, New Zealand, Australia and other countries for study, visit and lectures, and at the same time established friendly relations with a number of universities abroad.

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