School of Foreign Languages



School of Foreign Languages has 132 staff, including 9 professors, 23 associate professors, 5 PhD., 12 in the progress of a doctoral program, 72 with a master degree, 1 “Jiangxi Province Colleges and Universities; Young Academic Leaders”, 1 Jiangxi Provincial key discipline leader, 4 Jiangxi Provincial backbone young teachers, 8 “University Excellent Teachers”, 2 “University Young Backbone Teachers”, and 5 “University Young Teachers Teaching Award”. 

School of Foreign Languages has two undergraduate majors: English and Japanese. The English major has developed rapidly in recent years, in year 2004 it was named as "Brand Specialty" by the Jiangxi Provincial Education Department,in year 2005 the master's program was approved by the State Council Degree Office, in year 2006 it was approved by the Jiangxi Provincial Education Department for the Jiangxi "Eleven five" key discipline. Currently the school is the only School of Foreign Languages in Jiangxi Province universities which own "Brand Specialty", master's program and provincial key discipline. The English language and literature discipline has three research directions: language and translation, business English and English teaching, and English countries’ culture and literature. In recent years, the school has achieved fruitful research results around the research directions. The school published more than 100 papers articles in "Chinese translation", "Translation Quarterly", "Foreign Language and Foreign Language Teaching", "Journal of PLA Foreign Languages Institute", "Foreign Language Journal", "Foreign Language Study", "Foreign Language Teaching", "Chinese Science and Technology Translation", "Shanghai Science and Technology Translation" and other foreign language journals and humanities core journals.  The school also published 4 academic monographs, 5 textbooks, more than 10 books of economics and management, 7 translated literature works, completed more than 30 provincial and ministerial-level research projects, won 6 provincial outstanding scientific achievement awards. The "English Chinese Translation Course" written by our school teachers was selected by the National Press and Publication Administration as the "Eleven five National Key Planning Publishing Project -- New Century Oriented Three-dimensional Network English Subject Series of Books". 

Upholding the principle of "Attaching equal importance to both teaching and research", the school has also made outstanding achievements in teaching reform and effect. In year 2007 the school was named as “Universities English teaching reform demonstration project school” by the Ministry of Education. Many courses won the provincial quality course. The English majors’ pass rate on Grade 4 and Grade eight were significantly higher than the national average. The pass rate of College English Test level four and six ranked first in Jiangxi Province for several consecutive years. The English and Japanese major graduates’ quality is high, in the recent three years there have been more than 40 students admitted into Tsinghua University, Guangdong University of Foreign Studies, Nanjing University, Fudan University, Zhongshan University, Wuhan University, Shanghai Foreign Trade College, Beijing Broadcasting Institute and other institutions as postgraduates; 6 students were selected to study at Austria Vienna University of Economics and New York Polytechnic College.

The school has superior conditions, has an independent modern office building, owns rich library and information resources, with a total of 32000 books, and is equipped with necessary advanced audio-visual teaching equipments, built resource sharing foreign language LAN environment for professional training and academic research. 

The college always adheres to the "people-oriented" principle of education, is committed to the reform and research of teaching, will continuously make greater contributions to China's foreign language education cause.

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