School of Accounting



The predecessor of School of Accounting of Jiangxi University of Finance and Economics was Department of Accounting of Jiangxi College of Finance and Economics, which was founded in year 1958, in year 1978 the financial accounting system was restored, and the founding dean was the well-known accounting and auditing expert Professor Qiu Zongshun. In July 1998, the School of Accounting was established on the basis of the original Accounting Department and Financial Transactions Department, and the first Dean is Professor Qin Rongsheng. The school has developed into our largest teaching school. The successive deans are Qin Rongsheng (Part-time), Sun Jusheng, King Joe (Part-time), Zhang Rui, and Jiang Yaoming. The current Dean is Professor Zhang Weidong. The general Party branch secretary is associate professor Peng Qingning, the honorary Dean is Professor Guo Daoyang, the chief Professor Dr. Zhang Rui; vice secretary of the Party branch is Chen Guangxiu, vice deans are Professor Yu Xinpei, Professor Xie Sheng Wen, Professor Rongli, and Fan Ming. The school has four teaching institutions, they are Accounting Department, Financial Transactions Department, CPA Education Center, and Accounting Computerization Education Center. It owns manual accounting laboratory, computerized accounting laboratory and two central and local government co-build laboratory -- financial data processing laboratory and accounting risk control laboratory, etc.

Based on the School of Accounting, the Accounting Development Research Center (Jiangxi province humanities and social science key research base) and Master of Professional Accounting Degree Education Center (MPAcc) were established. The Director of the Accounting Development Research Center is Professor Zhang Rui, and the director of Master of Professional Accounting Degree Education Center (MPAcc)  is Professor Zhang Weidong (Part-time), and the Standing Vice Director Professor Yu Xinpei.

The school has strong staff, the existing staff is 101, including 89 full-time teachers, among whom 29 professors and 31 associate professors, 24 PhD, 13 PhD in progress; 4 doctoral tutor, 44 master's tutor, 1 national level renowned teacher, 2 enjoying government subsidies from the State Council 2, 6 Jiangxi Province universities young subject leaders, 3 Jiangxi province renowned teachers; 2 “Jiangxi Province Thousands of First and Second Level Talent”, and 1 the first Ministry of Finance "National Senior Accountant -- Accounting Academic Leader Talent". Over the past thirty years, a number of talents come out in succession. The older generation represented by senior accounting and auditing expert Qiu Zongshun and Professor Cheng Shengshu, and a new batch of painstaking but fruitful young and middle-aged accounting and auditing scholars emerged, such as professor Zhang Rui, Professor Jiang Yaoming, Professor Fang Baozhang, and Professor Zhang Weidong. The school has formed a high degree and high quality teachers’ team.

The school has a long history of discipline construction and has achieved fruitful results. The Accounting subject is "Nine Five", "fifteen", "eleven five" key discipline in Jiangxi province. In year 1985 the school was granted the right of Accounting Master degree, in year 2003 rated as exemplary of master degree by the Jiangxi Provincial Department of Education, in year 2006 was granted the right of the doctor of Accounting degree, in year 2007 it became China's second batch of Master of Professional Accounting pilot institutions, in year 2011 it became the first batch of pilot institutions of Auditing Professional Master Degree. The school has four undergraduate majors and professional directions, Accounting, Financial Management, Certified public accountant, and ACCA (British Chartered Accountants), among which Accounting(including CPA specialization) and Financial Management are Jiangxi Province brand specialty, with "Auditing" national level teaching group and "Auditing" course as the national quality course.

The school has achieved fruitful research results. Since the founding of School of Accounting, it has completed 10 National Natural Science Fund and National Social Science Fund projects, over 130 provincial and ministerial level projects, and published more than 40 academic works. The school has published about 100 papers in the "Management World", "Management Accounting Research", "", "Auditing Study", “Finance Study” and other well-known authoritative journals, and published more than 1900 papers in core and general journals. The school has made a number of nationally influential achievements in the research field of basic Accounting theory, Litigation Accounting, Enterprise Operating Performance Evaluation, Corporate Finance, Civil Liability of Financial Report Disclosure, Civil Liability of Certified Public Accountant, and Auditing History. 

The school has cultivated a large number of outstanding talents for the society. Since year 1978, the renewal of the college, the school has developed a total of more than 17000 undergraduates, 1100 graduate students, and over 10 doctoral students for national economy construction, among whom there are famous entrepreneur UFIDA software company president Wang Wenjing, Shanghai Cambridge Group Chairman Zhou Xingzeng, the Shenzhen Special Economic Zone Real Estate (Group),  Ltd. Co chairman Zhou Jianguo, Minxin Shengda (Beijing) Investment company chairman Leng Qinggui, Beijing Dinghan Technology Shares Company chairman Gu Qingwei, etc.; there are famous scholars of Prof. Liu Xianfang, dean of School of business of American New York Institute of Technology, Prof. and doctoral tutor Xia Donglin, Economics and Management College of Tsinghua University, Prof. Wei Minghai and Prof. Lin Bin, the school of management of Zhongshan University, Prof. Qin Rongsheng, doctoral tutor of Beijing National Accounting Institute, etc.. The School of Accounting has a high reputation, it has won more than 50 provincial and ministerial level rewards including the "National Advanced Class", "ACCA Course Exams Global No.1 or Chinese area No.1 ", "Countrywide College Student English Contest", and "Social Practice Advanced Unit". 

The school will continue to implement the strategy of the university, work together with all sectors of society in a person, adopt the vision of cultivating senior application type accounting talents, and strive to create a national first-class accounting school with a pioneering and innovative spirit.

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