School of Software and Communication Engineering



The Faculty of Software and Communication engineering, also known as UFIDA Faculty, was found in June of 2002. It has five undergraduate major disciplines so far, they include software engineering, network engineering, electron engineering, communication engineering and internet engineering. Besides, there are two postgraduate stations for software engineering and educational engineering. This Faculty comprises a total 49 full-time teachers of which 73% are doctors, and 15% have successfully completed advanced studies abroad. The total number of under and postgraduates are now nearly 1400 in all.
We have successfully cultivated lots of talents. The “Excellent Engineer” project initiated by this faculty is approved. The “ERP Experiment Center” and The “Electrician and Electron Experiment Center” is evaluated as the model teaching center in Jiangxi province. In addition, we have established many internship and training bases in some famous enterprises both home and abroad. In many national and provincial contests, such as ERP Designing Contest, ACM International Programming, Electron Designing, Embedded System Designing and Cellphone Software Designing ,etc., our students received many awards. In the innovation experiment projects initiated by the Ministry of Education, the faculty has sent many original projects constructed by the students for the national exhibition. Many of the students have been admitted into prestigious domestic universities for further education while a great many others are successfully employed by various large enterprises. The employment rate ranks first between colleges and universities in Jiangxi province.
We have gained a lot in domestic academic field. Currently, 5 academic teams of Data Processing and Business Intelligence, Theory and Technology about Credible Software, Software Decision and Decision Management, Economic Information Service and Engineering as well as Educational Technology have been established, and 7 National Natural Science Foundation projects are hosted by this faculty. Besides, many papers written by members of the faculty can be found in famous journals both home and abroad, i.e. Information Sciences, IEEE Trans. Neural Network, China Science, and Electron and Information.
Various student activities are promoted by this faculty focusing on cultural construction giving rise to distinguished cultural innovations, while promoting cultural encouragement, team culture and cultural activities. We are always pursuing “cultivating talents” as the overall objective while providing the necessary services for our students. In addition, we also play the role of serving society, and encourage public-spirited activities in this faculty.
Through the mode of communication with advanced units, and employment of teachers both at home and abroad, we devote ourselves to optimizing undergraduate cultivation, and simultaneously focusing on academic research, intending to establish an influential, distinguished and superior faculty and newly-styled education base.

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