School of Taxation and Public Administration



1. History. 
The Faculty of Public Finance and Administration dates back to the Public Finance and Credit Department of Jiangxi Provincial School of Business, founded in 1923. After decades of development it has now become a teaching and research faculty with four major functions: personal talent cultivation, scientific research, social service and cultural inheritance
2. Organization Structuring
The Faculty has a complete well-structured organizational model with 5 teaching departments: Public Finance Department, Taxation Department, Social Security Department, Administrative Department and Public Management Department, and 5 research and training centers : Taxation Research Center, Tax Receipt Research Center, Public Policy Research Center, MPA(Master of Public Administration)) Education Center and Public Servant Training Center. All these departments and centers working together form a stable system of teaching and research.
3. Faculty Members
 The Faculty has a total of 60 members, including 46 full-time professional teachers, among who are 38 Ph.D. holders, 18 professors. There are 15 associate professors, 6 PhD advisors and 36 master's degree advisors. There are also 4 “Jiangxi Province Teaching Masters”, 7 “youth disciplinary leaders” in Jiangxi Province, 5 “academic backbone teachers” of Jiangxi Provincial level and 8 are “backbone teachers” of university level. This team of high-quality, well-structured, experienced teaching cum research professionals enjoys a good reputation among their peers at home and abroad.
4. Discipline Construction
 This Faculty has achieved remarkable results in its discipline construction. It has been officially authorized to grant the following degrees: PhD in Public Finance (including tax) and Public Economics and Management; academic degree in Public Finance (including tax), Social Security and Administrative Management; two professional degrees in: Master of Public Administration (MPA) and Master of Taxation (MT) and five BA degrees in: Public Finance, Taxation, Social Security, Administrative Management and Public Management. It has a dominant discipline laboratory co-built by the central government and local government, and a series of quality teaching projects, such as a featured “national level subject project” and a state-level “high quality course project”. The Faculty has developed an innovative multi-level “talent cultivating system” including various bachelor, master and doctoral programs which have become an inextricably interwoven and a mutually supportive discipline system of public economics and public management.
5. Academic Research.
The Faculty has achieved a lot of high-quality academic achievements. In recent years, our faculty members have published more than 800 papers in academic periodicals, among which over 60 have been published in authoritative journals, nearly 100 in academic journals of CSSCI source; more than 50 articles have been adopted by EI, ISTP and the Information Centre of Renmin University of China. In addition, the school has completed over 50 national and provincial research programs and the school is presently undertaking over 40 national and provincial research projects. Around 20 projects were awarded by Municipal, provincial and national level department.
6. Contributions to Society
The Faculty has greatly contributed to many aspects of our society. On the strength of its intellectual superiority and professional expertise, it has carried out extensive training in various forms for government officials across the country, cultivating a large number of talents in public finance, taxation and public management. It also has been actively undertaking various horizontal projects commissioned by government and private enterprises, providing strong intellectual support in decision-making for various government bodies.
7. “Just as heavens’ movements are ever vigorous, so must a gentleman ceaselessly strive for perfection. Just as the earth is vast and expansive, so must a gentleman be noble-minded and tolerant.”
At the onset of our new historical era, under the esteemed leadership of our university leaders, this faculty will strive to develop a distinctive educational style while cultivating entrepreneurial talents with "Fidelity, Excellence, Integrity, Dedication, self restraining, public pursuing and international mindset”. Our Faculty will hereby redouble its efforts to consolidate its advantageous position in Public Finance and Taxation by working hard to further improve the level of public management and steadily expand its influence in academic circles and functional departments both domestic and abroad.
We look forward with immense pleasure to sharing achievements with you!
We believe, “Tomorrow will be better! And we’ll settle for nothing less”.

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