School of Tourism and Urban Management



School of the Tourism and Urban Management was built in order to adapt to the rapid development of cities, it takes the personnel training as its responsibility. The current Dean is Professor and Dr. Zou Yongwen, the secretary of general Party branch is associate professor Wang Qi.

The purpose of the school is to cultivate first-class planning talents with the qualities of "Fidelity, Excellence, Integrity, Dedication". At present, the school has formed a multi-level and multi-forms talent cultivation system based on undergraduate education and postgraduate education, with part-time master degree education and the vocational training as complement. 

The school has 4 teaching departments: the Department of Tourism Management, the Department of Resource Environment, the Department of Project Management and City Planning, the Department of Real Estate and Land Management. The school established 3 research centers: Tourism Planning and Development Research Center, Real Estate Development and Management Research Center, Land Resource Planning Research Center. 

The school has set up an experimental center, where there are 15 laboratories including the Tourism Management and Planning Laboratory(provincial and ministerial co-built), Resources Environment and Geography Information System Laboratory, Ecological Landscape Design Laboratory and Project Management laboratory, in which the Ecological Environmental Experimental Teaching Center is a Jiangxi provincial experimental teaching demonstration center. The Laboratories’ total area is nearly 3000 square meters, has advanced teaching equipments, and the total value amounts to over 600 million yuan. The laboratories can take all experimental courses including tourism management, hotel and travel agency management, city planning, urban and rural planning and resource management, and land resources management, and they provide places for teachers and students to engage in scientific research and social service practice. The school has set up more than 30 teaching practice bases in Shenzhen, Xiamen, Nanchang, Jinggangshan and other places.

The school has 5 undergraduate programs: Tourism Management, City Planning, Urban and Rural Planning and Resource Management, Real Estate Management, and Project Management of, 3 master’s programs: Tourism Management, Land Resources Management, and the Modern History of China, has a Master of Professional Tourism Management (MTA) degree authorization.

The school has a strong faculty team, until March 2011, there are 55 staff, including 5 professors, 22 associate professors, 1 doctoral tutor, 17 tutors of master, 1 “Jiangxi Province Millions of Thousands Talents”, 4 “Jiangxi Province Young Subject Leaders”. Among the teachers there are 23 with a doctoral degree, and 5 persons in the progress of a doctoral degree. 

The school teachers actively engaged in research innovation, have made fruitful research achievements. In recent years, the school teachers have published more than 400 papers, among them, more than 160 papers in the core and above level journals, and over 30 in the authoritative journals. They have published more than 30 Department textbooks. The teachers completed 6 National Social Science Foundation Project, and National Natural Science Foundation Project, and more than 60 provincial and ministerial level research projects.

The school also brings intellective advantage into play, actively serves the local construction. The school participated in the demonstration of "Jiangxi Province Construction of National Ecological Demonstration County Construction, National Environmental Elegant Town Planning and Programme", and “Jiangxi Province Constructing Socialism New Rural Village Planning Task", "Jiangxi County Tourism Overall Planning", "Jiangxi County Rural Tourism Planning", "Jiangxi County Land Utilization Planning" and so on. The chool also holds various training courses, such as the Nanchang Railway Bureau High-grade Train Staff training, Jiangxi Copper Corp Cadre training class, etc.

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