School of Business Administration



The School of business administration was established in year 1979 as the Department of Industrial Economics, when two majors of Industrial Economy and Industrial Enterprise Management were provided. In year 1992 the Department of Industrial economics changed its name to the Department of Business Administration, providing three majors of Business Management, International Business Management and Marketing. In June 1998, Department of Business Administration upgraded to School of Business Administration, providing three majors of Enterprise Management, Human Resource Management and Marketing. In June 2009, the major Logistics was transferred from the School of Statistics into the School of Business Administration. The School of Business Administration has 4 departments, Department of Enterprise Management, Department of Human Resource Management, Department of Marketing and Department of Logistics Management; 4 research institutes, Enterprise Research Institute, Industry clusters and Enterprise Development Research Center, Sino-British International Business Joint Research Center and Innovation and Strategic Human Resource Management Research Center;2 Social service agencies, Business Consulting Center and Manager Training Center. The school has 1 first class doctoral specialty, Business Administration; 3 master specialties, Enterprise Management, Technology Economy and Management and MBA; 4 undergraduate majors, Business Administration, Human Resource Management, Marketing and Logistics Management. The Enterprise management specialty is the provincial key discipline, Business Administration and Marketing are the provincial brand specialties and national characteristic specialties. The school has a rational teaching staff structure, at present there are 108 faculty members, including 27 professors, 33 associate professors, 30 lecturers, 10 doctoral tutor, 43 tutors of master 43, 62 Ph.D. (including reading), and 17 provincial (Ministry) level academic discipline leaders. The school attaches great importance to scientific research, in recent years the staff has published various academic monographs and textbooks amounting to more than 160 species, published more than 1500 papers in various academic journals, among which more than 250 papers in the key domestic and foreign academic journals. The school has completed over 10 national research programs and over 50 provincial and ministerial research programs. 

According to the characteristics of the specialties, the school pays close attention to practice teaching, and to the cultivation of students' innovation ability. Students' academic activities, social practice, and recreational activities obtained good results and have won lots of provincial and national awards. Over the past 20 years the school has cultivated and transported a large number of talents for the country, and emerged a large number of outstanding alumni. The school has the Enterprise Management master degree training right for in-service personnel, runs in-service personnel master degree courses, and achieved high master's degree through rate. In recent years, the school has cultivated high level talents of economic management for departments and institutions such as the Communist Party of China Nanchang Municipal Organization Department, Phoenix Optical Group, Huayi Electric Group Company, Jiangxi Province Electric Power Company, and Shao Group Company Guangdong branch, and has a variety of forms of cooperation with more than 30 enterprises including Civil Star Group, Nanchang Cigarette factory, Dairy Products Factory in Jiangxi, Jiangxi Copper Company, Nanchang Iron & Steel Ltd. Company, and Kerui Group, giving advice and suggestions for the enterprise market marketing, shareholding system reform, assets reorganization, and achieved good social and economic benefits. 

The school adheres to the "Fidelity, Excellence, Integrity, Dedication" motto, focuses on training application type and entrepreneurial type business management talents, pays close attention to the practice link, and to the cultivation of students' innovation ability, in accordance with "Change, Add , Expand" entrepreneurial talent training mode. After many years of educational practice, the school has formed a unique business management personnel training mode, cultivated and transported a large number of high-quality talents.

The Dean of the School of Business Administration
Prof. Hu Yuchen, from June 2009
The Secretary of Party branch
Mr. Xiong Shaohui, from January 2008

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