Unveiling Ceremony of JUFE’s Creat Culture Museum Held


On September 23rd, the opening of the Creat Culture Museum was covered in detail by reporters from numerous media outlets, including China News, haiwainet.cn, IFENG.COM,  Jiangxi TV (JTV) and NetEase etc.

The news coverage described the museum as a cultural landmark and a place for the display of relics, conduct of education, interpretation of JUFE history, and interaction of alumni. Its opening carries great significance, as the museum not only boosts the cultural confidence and responsibility of JUFE members as a whole, but also enhances talent cultivation, making the achievements made in school management a catalyst for JUFE to develop into a prestigious institution with a hundred years’ history.


Extended Reading

Rebuilt from the library, originally constructed in 1992, on the west of Jueqi Square (Jiaoqiao North campus), the Creat Culture Museum was designed to cover an area of 10,979 square meters. The museum earned its name because of Zheng Yuewen, the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Creat Group and JUFE alumnus. He matriculated in 1981 as an Industrial Economy Management student.

The museum consists of four floors. The first floor houses a large painting donated by Wang Tianxing, who enrolled as a student of finance in 1978, which artfully encompasses the enchanting landscape of Jiangxi as well as the beautiful scenery of JUFE.

The History Museum on the second floor is the embodiment of JUFE’s development and achievements since 1923. It showcases generations of JUFE staff, students and alumni pursuing the dream of developing JUFE into a prestigious institution with a hundred years’ history.

The Alumni Hall on the third floor falls into three sections: Alumni Home, Alumni Achievements, and Alumni Contributions, reflecting the cultural connotation of patriotism and deep love for JUFE, innovation and entrepreneurship, confidence and independence, loyalty and morality, as well as mutual assistance.

As the first museum in China dedicated to tax receipts, the Museum of Chinese Tax Receipts on the fourth floor boasts over 2000 precious tax receipts displayed in almost 800 square meters.


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