School of Art Won 2020 ICVA Awards


    Recently, the list of winners of the 2020 3rd Communication Exhibition for Asia-Pacific Visual Arts sponsored by the International Council of Visual Arts (ICVA) was released. JUFE’s School of Art yielded welcoming results in this exhibition as Zeng Jingyi and Yang Xiaohang won a Gold Award for their work Retrospect (Tutor: Tang Rui), and Huang Yuewen, Zhu Wei, Ma Xiaoqing, and Yin Fan carried off a Bronze Award for Kyoto (Tutor: Huang Songtao).

Zeng Jingyi and Yang Xiaohang won Gold Award and Tang Rui rated as Best Tutor.

A total of 1,206 valid entries were received from more than 10 countries and regions, including China, Italy, Turkey, Japan, Singapore, and South Korea. After strict evaluation, 95 professional works and 120 student works were selected. The exhibition inspired active participation from well-known domestic universities such as China Academy of Art, Central Academy of Fine Arts, Beijing Film Academy, and Lu Xun Academy of Fine Arts.

This exhibition marks the third event, after the Italy Salento International Design Festival and the Busan International Environment Art Festival (BIEAF) in Korea, where the Normal Studio of the School of Art has been awarded. The studio will stay committed to its original goals and glorify JUFE by producing more masterpieces

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    ​ICVA is an international, non-partisan, and non-governmental organization in the field of visual arts and serves as a platform built by artists, painters, designers, illustrators, photographers and practitioners engaged in visual arts education for dialogues. As a representative of visual arts, the Communication Exhibition for Asia-Pacific Visual Arts was designed to pool creative ideas and thoughts together on a global scale, focus on visual arts in different fields, probe into the possibility of aesthetics in various cultural contexts, and establish an excellent model of contemporary visual art with international standards. 

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