Two JUFE Professors Hired as Counselors of Nanchang Municipal Government


Chaired by Vice Mayor Long Guoying, the Symposium on Counselors Work - the Counselors’ Appointment Ceremony was held at the Nanchang municipal government on June 23rd. As junior counselors, JUFE Professor Yuan Mingsheng and Professor Wu Zhijun attended the symposium and received letters of appointment from Huang Zhongxi, the mayor of Nanchang. Counselors, junior and senior, gathered to deliberate on the strategies driving Nanchang’s development and meditate on the work of the government.

It was learned that the government has employed six new counselors. As is stipulated in the Counselors Selection and Engagement of Nanchang Municipal Government, the counselors shoulder the following responsibilities: research the major decisions of the government and come up with counselling and proposals; engage in research of the government’s core work, familiarize themselves with, and share social conditions and public opinions; supervise the work of the government and its departments and give prompt opinions and suggestions for improvements, etc.

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