JUFE won funding for two major projects from the National Social Science Fund in 2019


  The major projects of the National Social Science Fund have been announced for 2019, and JUFE has won two bids. They are Research on Statistical Measurement and Evaluation of the Allocation of Innovation factors from the Perspective of High-quality Development submitted by professor Tao Changqi from the School of Statistics and Research on the Risk Management Mechanism of China's Strategic Three Rare Mineral Resources Supply declared by Professor Xu Bin from the Collaborative Innovation Center. These are the only two projects in Jiangxi province in 2019, and, most importantly, JUFE is the only university to have been awarded funding for such projects in 2019. Thus far, our school has won funding for a total of 14 major projects from the National Social Science Fund, ranking first in the province.

  At present, the major project funding of the National Social Science Fund is the highest level; it provides the greatest amount of funding and is the most authoritative project funding system in the field of the National Social Science. Facing national high-level macro decision-making and strategic needs, the projects study major practical issues related to the overall development of our country, and strive to bring out heavyweight, in-depth, and valuable application research, which will help the government to make decisions.

  Under the joint efforts of leaders and researchers, the number of topics declared and selected, the number of applications submitted and ongoing establishment of major projects are at the forefront of Jiangxi province. These accomplishments fully reflect that our university is moving towards high-level and high-quality scientific research.

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