MBA School



MBA School is the first in Jiangxi province which passed through the national assessment of qualified MBA training units, it’s also the only one in the province which has a EMBA running right, shouldering the important task of cultivating high quality talents for enterprise management for Jiangxi province and the whole nation. Since in year 1997 and year 2009, the MBA School respectively obtained the MBA, and EMBA running right, it has cultivated a large number of complex, high level and adaptable to new trends in international development management talents for the society, and a large number of management elite with " Fidelity, Excellence, Integrity, Dedication" quality, who grasped the forefront of management knowledge and methods, had international vision, strategic vision, rich innovation and leadership. 

The school currently has four programs: EMBA, Sino-US MBA, Sino-Australia MBA and EDP, all kinds of MBA and EMBA students add up to more than 800. 

After years of construction, the MBA School’s international cooperation programs and EMBA education have been developing steadily, the school’s reputation and brand have been widely recognized by society, and has formed its own characteristics. In teaching content, the school highlights the unique financial discipline advantage, focuses on practice, and cultivates the ability to solve practical problems. On teaching methods, the school emphasizes on case teaching, classroom discussions, enterprise investigation and visit, as well as experiential scenario teaching. In the teaching means, the school extensively collects all strengths, the teachers all use multimedia interactive teaching. 

MBA School adopts the program and function combined matrix type management responsibility system, each program has a full-time staff responsible for the whole process of the program management. MBA School is an occupational management team, all staff have a wealth of teaching experience, a strong sense of service, as well as praiseworthy professionalism. There are two staff with doctor’s degree, and all the other staff have a master's degree.

MBA School will continue to adhere to the brand construction as a target, go "characteristic, standardization, humanization, internationalization" road, unite the staff, arouse all the efforts to make the school prosperous, and constantly optimize the structure of teachers, improve the teaching quality, become a model MBA school in Jiangxi, and grow important in South China and influential domestically.

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