Vocational School



Vocational and Technical School was established in October 1999, there are 2832 students. The school has 14 specialties: Accounting, Computerized Accounting, International Economy and Trade, E-commerce, Financial Management, Marketing, Business English, Computer Application Technology, Application of Electronic Technology, Communication Technology, Microelectronics Technology, Hotel Management, Logistics Management, and Garden Technology. Relying on the solid strength of Jiangxi University of Finance and Economics, with its high level of teaching staff, strong learning atmosphere and good employment prospects, a powerful advantage is reflected higher vocational education run by a university.

The school always adheres to the education of people as the center, attaches great importance to the theoretical teaching system, practical teaching system and student management system, pays attention to the students' individual potential mining and quality improvement.

The school attaches great importance to personnel training, design for students, and provide different ways of development. Firstly, the school makes accord with students' all-round and balanced development of personality of the distinctive training program, lays a solid foundation for students work. Secondly, the school provides high quality of employment, the employment rate of graduates exceeded 90% for six consecutive years, ranks top among the province’s public vocational colleges, won the "Jiangxi province college graduates employment advanced unit" glorious title. Thirdly, the school encourages students to "upgrade" to the full-time undergraduate institutions of learning, the "upgrade" articulation rate always maintains the leading position in the province. Fourth, guides the student to participate in the examination for the self-taught "top-up", in graduated soon acquired certificate of graduation and degree obtained. Fourthly, the school guides the student to participate in the examination for the self-taught "upgrade from junior college student to university student" exam, the students acquired certificate of graduation and obtained self-taught undergraduate degree soon after graduation from college. Fifthly, the school supports the students to participate in the entrance exam for postgraduate schools directly after graduation, guides those obtained the self-taught undergraduate degree to apply for graduate programs. Sixthly, the school helps students to study abroad, to participate in overseas colleges and universities’ "upgrade from junior college student to university student” exam and "post master" programs. 

According to the Ministry of Education’s spirit of instructions, the school vigorously promotes school-enterprise cooperation, combining learning with working, and combining the internship and practice into vocational students training program. According to the regional and industry talent demand status and the characteristics of vocational technology and vocational positions, the school active explores high skill personnel training mode, formed the vocational training brand characteristics of Jiangxi University of Finance and Economics in the process transmitting marketable talents for society. 

According to "The occupation education is employment education" requirement, the school effective links practice and employment, that students can fully understand the future occupation post on their demands through visits Internship (employment before perceptual), internship (pre employment experience education), graduation practice (pre employment post trial). 

The school has set up the National Occupation Skill Appraisal Institute, established student internship training bases with a number of units in Beijing, Shanghai, Nanchang, Shenzhen and Zhuhai, ensuring that the higher vocational students can participate in all types of practice, internship and obtain related occupation qualification certificates during the school. At the same time, the school established a long-term cooperative relationship with many employing units in Jiangxi, Guangdong, Jiangsu, Shanghai, Zhejiang, Fujian, Beijing and many other provinces and cities in the area of employment. 

The school created the "student management section + grade counseling group + head teacher + special education project group" a new mode of the educational management of students. Students education management works closely around the goal of cultivating "Fidelity, Excellence, Integrity, Dedication" quality practical talents, builds quality development platform for students, formed “four basic education projects” (" patriotic love school education, school spirit and study spirit education project, safe and civilized education project, member consciousness education project), three “fine series of activities” (class cultural festival series activities, youth campus activities, daily behavior Series), "two innovation practice positions” (innovation and entrepreneurship positions, campus practice front), "a special portal" (the school website) as the main working features. 

High quality and featured higher vocational education has attracted extensive attention of the society. In recent years, "Harf-month Comment", "Jiangxi Daily", "China Education Newspaper", “Daily Information Newspaper", "Liberation Daily Newspaper", "Jiangxi TV", "Jiangxi Educational TV Station", "Dajiang Website" and other media introduced the characteristics of our school’s higher vocational education, the school’s social influence is growing, and its reputation is getting better and better.

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