International School



The International School was founded in 2002 and is offering its 2200 full time students four specialties: International Accounting, International Finance, International Business and Chartered Financial Analyst. It is taking advantage of the popularity and attractions of its first three disciplines’ to increase its prestigious student base.

The Accounting Major is designed to fosterStudents with knowledge in management, economics and accounting and who are familiar with the applications of the internationally applicable accounting principles and the related laws & regulations have the ability and opportunity to carry out scientific research and the accounting practices.
The Specialty of Finance is set to train students to have a deeper knowledge in economics, management, accounting & finance and thus be able to successfully undertake financial projects, such as financing, investment and international settlement as well as the related accounting practices.
The International Business Major was established to cultivate students to master knowledge in economics, trade and business so as to acquire the capacity to successfully do international business, management, consultancy and planning.
The Chartered Financial Analyst Major was developed to educate students to be high-grade financial talents with sufficient knowledge in financial investment and management, as well as capital operations, in line with the syllabus set for the qualification certificate and CFA courses.
The School adheres to the philosophy of “Teaching Benefits Teachers as well as Students; Combining Chinese and Western futures; Introducing Foreign Teachers & Establishing Domestic Cooperation and Grafting at high academic levels”. It tries to recruit more qualified students, optimizes the talent structure, and encourages students to be self-motivated in study and to think globally on campus. The purpose of building up such a simulated educational environment is to help the students feel as if they are studying abroad. The school tries its utmost to cultivate in its students the feelings of loyal to their motherland and to care for the world by to observing the university’s’ motto of “Fidelity, Excellency, Integrity and Perseverance”. It also encourages it students to be internationally competitive, by internationalizing its faculty, teaching methods, cooperation and environment.
The School, acting as an educational pioneer in the internationalization in education at JUFE, is highly characterized by its philosophy and unique features of “Combination of Chinese and Western future”. It is equipped with a multi-cultural faculty, with a majority of experienced bilingual lectures invited from other educational institutions to teach or lecture at JUFE, and some are visiting professors from universities around the world. The English version textbooks are adapted for these specialized courses and the syllabus is on par with leading universities abroad. All these have been made to upgrade its teaching quality and capabilities, its administration, the environment for students’ learning, and finally to produce more enlightened and innovated graduates

The School has won a robust reputation of an enhanced teaching quality which highlights its unique characteristics after ten years of hard work. The students are very active in taking part in different kinds of contests: “English language Contests” and “specialized knowledge contests” held each year nationally and internationally. The Students have received over ten awards and prizes in contests and championships like; “the National College Students Simulation Contest in Finance”, “CCTV National Cup English Speaking Competition”, “World Cup King Stocks competition”, the “AIA International Bilingual King of Employment Competition” held in Hong Kong, as well as receiving top scholarships offers by the Universities in the UK, France, the Netherlands, and also the special scholarshipfrom the “Test of English for International Communication(TOEIC)” by ETS.

The School also enjoys a prestigious reputation of having the highest graduate employment rate and quality in Jiangxi province for the last several years successively. A total of 2700 graduates have successfully graduated so far from seven admissions. 40% of which have gone on to pursue their further study abroad in both master and Ph.D. degree programs (300 have been accepted to Universities, such as Oxford, Cambridge,Imperial College of Science and Technology, London School of Economics and Political Science, Hopki University, Australian National University and University of Zurich); 45% of which are working in the financial and business sectors both at home and abroad (around 500 graduates are presently employed by some of the World Top 500 Companies, some are working in the world renowned financial and multi-national companies including those on Wall street, New York); Some are employed as public servants in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the General Bureau of Taxation, and the National Customs. A certain number of graduates have been admitted as postgraduate into leading domestic universities such as Tsinghua University, Beijing University, Nanjing University, and Fudan University. Currently, the school is in the process of establishing more lines of communication with its counterparts & other organizations worldwide, as well as striving to carry out closer academic collaboration with them in order to realize its goal of “internationalization, innovation and development”.

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