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 Jiangxi University of Finance and Economics (JUFE) is one of the oldest financial universities in China, with a focus on economics and business administration as well as embracing disciplines of law, engineering, humanities, natural science, education, philosophy, history and arts. It can be traced back to Jiangxi Provincial Commercial School founded in 1923, which was later developed as Jiangxi Institute of Finance and Economics in 1958. It was renamed as Jiangxi University of Finance and Economics in 1996. It came under the joint administration of the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Education and the People’s Government of Jiangxi Province in 2012.
   JUFE is located in the heroic city of Nanchang, on the east bank of the Gan River , adjacent to Meilin Mountain with its misty charm in the west, bordering on Lushan Mountain with its elegant grace in the north and reaching out to the soul- inspiring Jingang Mmountain in the south. It has four campuses, namely Jiaoqiao Campus, Meilu Campus, Fengling Campus, and Qingsha Campus, with a total area of 360 acres. It has a collection of 4.91 million copies (including electronic ones) in its library. Because of its natural environment, JUFE was awarded National Top 300 Best Afforested University.
   Over the past 90 years, JUFE has developed into a comprehensive university. It is composed of 21 schools, including School of Business Administration, School of Public Finance and Public Administration, School of Accountancy, School of International Trade and Economics, School of Economics, School of Finance, School of Statistics, School of Information Management, School of Tourism and Urban Management, School of Software and Communication Engineering, School of Foreign Languages, School of Humanities, School of Law, School of Arts, School of Physical Education, School of Marxism, MBA School, International School, School of Vocational and Technical Education, School of Continuing Education and School of Modern Economics and Management. In addition, it has 23 research centers, that is Contemporary Finance and Economics Press, Research Institute of Jiangxi Economic Development, Research Institute of Industrial Economics, Research Institute of Higher Education, Research Center for New Energy Technology and Application, International Institute for Financial Studies, The Collaborative Innovation Center, Research Center for Regulations and Competition, Research Center for Accounting Development, Research Center for Financial Development and Risk Precaution, Research Center for Industrial Cluster and Enterprise Development, Ecological Civilization and Modern China Research Center, Research Institute of Poyang Lake Ecological Economics, Fiscal and Tax Research Center and so on.

Jiangxi University of Finance and Economics Add: No.169, East Shuanggang Road, Changbei, Nanchang, Jiangxi,
China Postal Code: 330013. Tel:0791-83816274/83816369