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Accounting Development Research Center of JUFE


The Accounting development research center of Jiangxi University of Finance and Economicswas established in 2001, previously belonging to the accounting theory research center of the faculty of Accounting and is now a standing academic research institution. With the success of the setting up of a doctoral degree program in 2005, the center was renamed “The Accounting Development Research Center.”
In September of 2006,upon the approvalof the Education Department of Jiangxi province, it became the key research base for humanities and social science in Jiangxi Province.The Director of this center:Prof.Zhang Rui, is aNationallyrenownededucator who is theDoctoral Supervisor of Accounting and is a “special government allowance winner” from the state council.TheDeputy Director of this center:Prof.Xie Shengwen is one of the leading accountingtalents selected by the ministry of financeand is also the Director of the sixth and seventhChinese accounting association financial cost branch. The Center also has oneadministrative secretary.
An academic committee was formed to determine the development strategiesfor this center. They consist of Prof.Guo Daoyang,the DoctorateSupervisor from Zhongnan University of Finance and Economics and the famous accountant: Prof. Li Xinhe,the DoctorateSupervisor from Nanjing University and the Chinese well-known financial management expert,Mr.Luo Jialong,the CFO of China machinery industry group co., LTD and The Chairman of the board of Directors of Guoji financial co., LTD,Prof. Jiang Raoming: the DoctoralSupervisor of JUFE and The Deputy Director of the Contemporary Financial Magazine.
The center consists of 120 sq. metres of office and research space, a collection of 3791 books, 88 kinds of magazines and journals, 17 kinds of newspapers, etc.At the present,the Accounting Development Center has become the biggest provincial accounting theory research center and has important influences in the accounting field in China.
The center follows the principle of combinationof theory and practical research, thus giving priority to the practical researchwhich has a significant impact on the future development of the subject of accounting.It established four research directions respectively: "performance evaluation and litigation accounting", "corporate governance and financing", "securities market, CPA behavior and consequences", "public company accounting information disclosure and supervision". Recently numerous major achievements have been achieved in the fields of researchwhich are extremely significant domestically.
Since 2006,the center has successfully bid and wonover 20 provincial-level government funded projects and more than 10 lateral cooperation projects. It has organized 8 bidding projectsand successfully secured over 5 million Yuanin research funding.The center has published in recent years over 60 papers , more than 10 unitsbooks (including textbooks) , over 10 research results for use as teaching materials, won more than 20 provincial-level prizes and its research results were cited by CSSCI journals more than 200 times.
The center focuses on academic exchange: “The International Academic Communication” meetings have been held twice and“The National Academic Exchange” meetings have been held 5 times. Since then over 20 researchers have been sent to attend the “International Academic Exchange Conference” The center actively supports its researchers and doctoral students with strong scientific research ability to submitprojects, train the young and middle-aged academic backbones, build up an aggressive team with an impressive structure and spirit of collaboration and solidarity

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