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Center for Regulation and Competition


TheCenter for Regulation and Competition is one of the professional research institutes hosted by JUFE. It was approved as the Key Humanities and Social Science Research Base in April, 2003. Prof: Zhang Xizu, researcher from Chinese Academy of Social Science who was awarded the title of “Jiangxi Jinggang Scholar” is the Dean of the center.
1.History: The Center was founded in December 1999, under the Center for Industrial Organization and Government Planning. It coordinated with The Economic Development Research Center at first, then after being approved of as a key humanity and social science research base in April 2003, the Center began to establish an independent institute named “Center for Industrial Organization and Government Planning;” finally, in June of 2006, it gained its present name. 
2. Research fields: a) Theory and policy of regulation, public administration, b) Government management, and c) Competition policy. 
a) Theory and policy of regulation: Using the theory and methods of regulatory economics to study the problems and regulatory policies exposed in the industrial development, which includes: (1) Theory of regulation study; (2) Problems, regulatory methods and policy analysis related to monopoly industry. 
b) Public administration and government management: Usingmulti-theories of applied economics and management, studying the systems applied in public administration and government management, which includes: (1) Study of the process and pattern of public administration activity. (2) Management of government organization, public welfare enterprises and non-profit welfare administration units 
c) Competition policy:Using economic theories and analysis tools to study market competition, industrial monopoly behavior, theory and practice of government competition policy which includes: (1) Economic effect analysis of mergers and acquisitions, and anti-monopoly policies; (2) Enterprises collusion analysis and anti-monopoly law enforcement; (3) Analysis on enterprises abusing their dominant market positions; (4) Study of the Chinese competition policy system. 
3. Research team: The Center has an excellent research team of 9 full-time researchers(one chair professor, 5 professors, one associate professor and two lecturers), 8 part-time researchers(2 chair professors and 6 professors) and 8 visiting professors from around the country.  
In respect to talent training, the Center has set up various special topics on government regulation, regulatory economics and degree courses for doctorate and postgraduate students of management majors. 
4. Honors and Awards: since its inception, the Center has aimed to promote basic research and economic applications to insure it becoming a first class institute in its field through cultivation of leading academic leaders and young and middle-aged key teachers, the Center concentrates on academic exchange, providing consultancy services. The entire team of professionals have successfully achieved 85 completed scientific research projects of different levels which includes 8 National Social Science Fund projects, 6 National Natural Science Foundation projects, 12 provincial or ministerial-level major projects with a total research funds amount of RMB9,938,000 Yuan. 218 working papers have been published in CSSCI journals and 16 monographs have also been published. In recent years, the Center has won 6 first prizes, 12 second prizes, and 10 third prizes in “Provincial Outstanding Achievements” in Scientific Research Competition. The Center also published a 5-volumed academic series with the title “Cutting-edge Issues in Regulation and competition” which holds a profound influence in its field. 
Social Impact: The Center has successfully hosted several international academic meetings and won “The Provincial Excellent Unit” twice.

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