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Jiangxi Institute of Economic Development


Jiangxi Institute of Economic Development is one of the professional research centers hosted by JUFE. It concentrates its research and teaching activity on economics while providing the university with a platform to serve the regional economy by offering development plans, research projects, possible solutions and training service personnel for governments and private enterprises as well.History: The Institute dates back to the “Fiscal Science Institute” of Jiangxi University of Finance and Economics, which was approved by the Ministry of Finance on September the 12th 1980 and then renamed “Economics Institute”. In 1998 it was integrated with other research institutes and named “Institute of Economics and Social development” by JUFE and in June of 2009, it gained its present name to fit the needs of both university and society.2. Structure: The Institute hosts a regional economics center, an industrial economics center, a financial securities center and an agriculture economics center.3. Disciplines and majors: The Institute has done profound research in the fields of regional economics, industrial economics, financial investment and agriculture economics. It was approved to grant master’s degree in “Regional Economics” since 2004. It is not only a professional research institute but it also undertakes the teaching task for undergraduates and postgraduates. All researchers have done an excellent job in their daily teachings.4. Research team: The Institute has 12 full-time researchers, 2 of them are honored as “Young and middle-aged academic leaders” of Jiangxi universities, 1 supervisor of doctorate students, 8 supervisors of postgraduates. There are also 7 visiting professors, including 3 supervisors of doctorate students and 4 PhDs.5. Research facilities: The Institute has a library containing more than 8000 books and over 160 periodicals from both home and abroad.  6. Honors and awards: Since the year 2000, 81 projects have been completed, including 4 National Social Science Fund projects and National Natural Science foundation projects, 34 Local government projects and 15 projects entrusted by private enterprises. 17 books have been written and / or translated, 2 textbooks have been edited and 363 working papers have been published, which include 3 in famous foreign journals, close to 100 working papers in famous domestic journals. 20 projects have achieved first place and deemed leading in their class, 32 projects have been awarded recognition (2 of which won first place, while others won second place 9 times while still others claimed the third place 21 times) at Municipal and provincial levels. 7. Academic exchange: Academic exchanges have been increasing steadily in the past years; the Institute has built up friendly cooperation with various esteemed universities, research centers and institutions at home and abroad. Since 2000, over 77 domestic or international academic conferences and forums have been attended by the teachers from this Institute. 8. Serve the locality: The Institute takes full advantage of its scientific research capability to serve the continued development of the local economy by making more than 20 development plans for local governments at different levels, holding a number of graduate training programs and economic management training programs, conducting over 10 market survey plans and offering consultancy services for different enterprises. The intern journal “Analysis of Jiangxi Economy” edited by the Institute has become an important reference source for the local government, provincial party committee and provincial government bodies in their decision making processes.      All research staff members are committed to work even harder while keeping pace with the ever changing times by concentrating on the local and national economic development of country.

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