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Poyang lake ecological economic research institute of JUFE



The Poyang lake Ecological Economic Research Institute of JUFE is a comprehensive interdisciplinary research institution serving to implement the national strategy of exploring Poyang lake ecological economic zoneand promotethe construction of an ecological civilization.The director of Poyang lake ecological economic research institute is Professor Kong Fanbin, who is one of the key subject academic leaders of Jiangxi. Prof Liao Jinqiu who is the Chairman of the board of JUFE, the doctoral tutor as well as holding a concurrent post as the institute’s Director.
1. History
It was founded in 2002 and has experienced three basic stages:The first stage was as the faculty of resource and environmental management of JUFE (founded in 2002) and resource science and ecological planning engineering center (founded in 2005);the second stage was as the resource and environmental policy research center(founded in2009),the third stage was the combination of resources and environmental policy research center, ecological civilization and modern China research center,giving birth to a new institute called “Poyang Lake Ecological Economic Research Institute” of JUFE(IPLE) in July of 2010.
2. Development purpose
To Practice the school motto of leading the regional innovation trend of the times, and serving the needs of the national development strategy.
3. Aim and task
Depending on the advantagesof economic management subjects resources of JUFE, uniting the professional strength of natural science and engineering subjects of JUFE, based on the construction of Poyang lake ecological economic zone, adhering to the national regional development strategy,conducting interdisciplinary collaborative innovation research, striving to build the humanities and social science research center and talent training basefor high level of efficiency with distinctive features.
4. Management operation system
It’s a DirectorResponsibility system with dual management by the academic committee and the University.
5. Personnel structure
There are 13 full-time researchers, 2 staffs, 1 librarian and 30 part-time researchers. Among the full-time researchers, there are two experts enjoying the state council special government allowances, one expert was selected as the outstanding talent of “national pacesetter engineering”, one expert was selected by the ministry of education as one of most excellent talents in the new century, two experts were selected as successful talents of “Jiangxi talents 555 program”, one as an “outstanding young and middle-aged social science expert” in Jiangxi and the other as a “philosophy and social science talent” in Jiangxi province. All of them have PhD degrees. One Researcher got his PhD degree in USA and two researchers have been visiting scholars aboard. All the part-time researcher are from the key universities, research institutions, government and major industries.
6. Office facilities:
The office area of the institution is in excess of 1000 square meters. The office possesses a beautiful environment with a complete array of up-to-date books and materials and a convenient communication and electronic service. There are senior experts’ studio, chief professors’ studio, overseas doctors’ studio, researchers’ studio, postgraduates’ studio, academic hall, library, and computer room.
7. Institute Recruitment:
The institution recruits post-doctoral researchers who have majored in theoretical economics, two doctoral students who have majored in population resource and environmental economics and one post graduate student who majored in Agricultural Economics & Management every year.
8. International cooperation and exchange
The institute has the cooperative programs with Texas’ Agricultural & Industrial University, Arizona State University, Auburn University, University of Michigan, Vienna University of Agriculture, ViennaUniversity of Economics and Administration,University of South Australia, the Chinese University of Hong Kong, Nanjing University, Zhejiang University, Shanghai Jiaotong University, Renmin University of China, ZhongshanUniversity, Beijing Normal University, Northwest Agricultural and Forestry University of Science and Technology, Beijing Forestry University, Nanjing Agricultural University, Nanjing Forestry University, Northeast Forestry University, and the Chinese Academy of Sciences’, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences’ and the Chinese Forestry Science Institute.Many programs such as joint research, senior personnel training and academic exchanges have been successfully carried out so far.

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