A Paper by Professor Luo Chunlin Indexed into Management Science


On May 20th, the paper titled Multi-Player Allocations in the Presence of Diminishing Marginal Contributions: Cooperative Game Analysis and Applications in Management Science written by Professor Luo Chunlin from the School of Information Management of JUFE Professors Leng Mingming and Liang Liping from Lingnan University in Hongkong was officially indexed into Management Science (MS).

The first draft of the study was completed in 2014 and has been through submission and revision for the past five and a half years. Based on the law of diminishing marginal returns in economics, they developed the Almost Diminishing Marginal Contributions (ADMC) game. With regard to such a game, they derived a necessary and sufficient condition for the non-emptiness of the core, which guarantees the existence of stable allocations. Then, for the ADMC game, the nucleolus based on the coalitions' satisfaction, and the Shapley value based on the coalitions' contribution were discussed. Additionally, they also investigated the least core value for ADMC games with an empty core, which means that an appropriate penalty may be required to assure the stability of the grand coalition. The paper ends with the analysis of ADMCs application in flight-sharing, group-procurement and scheduling in the manufacturing industry.

 As a benchmark journal in the field of Management, Management Science is crowned as Science in Management and ranked as the four-star journal of UT-Dallas 24, Financial Times (FT) 45 and ABS.


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Luo Chunlin, Ph.D., professor, doctoral tutor, Youth Jinggang Scholar in Jiangxi Province and candidate for “Hundred Talents Program” (Youth Discipline Leader) of Jiangxi University of Finance and Economics, is mainly engaged in logistics and supply chain management, game theory and its application, etc. Additionally, he has presided over two projects of the National Natural Science Foundation of China as well as numerous provincial and ministerial projects. Moreover, he has won such awards as the Young Teacher Teaching Award, Gold Medal Teacher and twice Top Ten Excellent Teachers in Teaching of JUFE.

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