Dr. Wu Botao Published a Paper in a First-class International Academic Journal


On March 23, the paper titled My Poetic Inquiry independently written by Dr. Wu Botao from the School of Foreign Languages was published in the journal of Qualitative Inquiry.

Professor Carl Leggo, as Professor Wus chief tutor and world-renowned poet, led other scholars and gradually perfected poetry study, eventually making it an independent research field. The poetry study was analyzed and summarized as a proper noun in My Poetic Inquiry.

As a top journal in the research fieldQualitative Inquiry was placed in Q2 of SSCI from 2016 to 2018 based on all the information available so far, with an impact factor of 3.135 in the past five years.

After obtaining a doctorate degree in English Language and Culture Education from the University of British Columbia in 2019, Dr. Wu joined the School of Foreign Languages of JUFE and has been engaged in studies concerning poetry, contemporary drama and stage play.

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