President Lu Fucai Interviewed in a TV program by Jiangxi Education Television


Recently, President Lu Fucai was on a TV program conducted by Jiangxi Education Television and shared his opinion on undergraduate education. He, together with Wang Longfeng, an expert in undergraduate education evaluation, exchanged ideas on the innovative and entrepreneurial talent cultivation.

President Lu Fucai believed that the practice of integrating scientific researches with talents cultivation holds the key in cultivating innovative and entrepreneurial talents with fidelity, excellence, integrity and perseverance. Meanwhile, he introduced the ways of building first-level disciplines and undergraduate education in JUFE.

Wang Longfeng asserted that JUFE has taken many effective measures in talents cultivating and features prominently in talents training, education and teaching reform. In light of the JUFE realities, president Lu Fucai elaborated whom and how JUFE should cultivate.

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