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International Institute for Financial Studies



To further advance the internationalized process of JUFE ,reform the cultivating mode of financial talents and change the scientific study pattern, the IIFS which is based on existing Center for Research in Asia-Pacific Capital Markets and Center for Research in Financial Development and Risk Prevention ,was established in November 28,2011 in JUFE(Jiangxi University of Finance and Economics, for short).

Aiming to build the research platform to attract full-time talents who return after study abroad as main force, IIFS is an important window for JUFE to promote the education internationalization, a crucial carrier to gather overseas returnees and also a significant area to produce high-end scientific achievements.
IIFS insists on such a basic working thought that makes academic building as foundation, academic innovation as core and scientific research as precursor, focusing on the innovative platform to develop international academic research and mutual exchanges and cooperation.IIFS is committed to forging an international study institute which keeps the leading level in domestic and aligns with the world, and establishing an international talents cultivation base.  IIFS will push the modernization and internalization of scientific research and education in JUFE, and will make great contribution to the reform and economic development of China.

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