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The first China Summer Camp of Confucius institute of Coventry University had a perfect finale


    In the morning of 22nd August, the first China Summer Camp of Confucius institute of Coventry University officially opened in JUFE. This summer camp was hosted by the Office of Chinese Language Council International, organized by Jiangxi University of Finance and Economics and the Confucius Institute of Coventry University in the UK jointly. The Chinese and international students studied Chinese traditional culture, understanding the economic development of modern China, experienced the daily life of Chinese people, and the vigorous development of this nation during two weeks.

    In the morning of August 29th, 15 campers stepping on the return journey, the Chinese summer camp of the Confucius Institute  was successfully close.

    How time flies! It was as if we were still in yesterday. We can still remember that at the opening ceremony on August 22, Vice President Wang Xiaoping, Ms. Lu Saiju, Deputy Director of the Office of International Cooperation and Exchange. Dr.Jiang Guohe,vice dean of the School of Humanities gave their speeches and expressed warm welcomes to the arrival of foreign friends.

    After the opening ceremony, Wang Xiaoping delivered a lecture on the economic development of China. With the deepening reform and opening policy, from the lack to the abundance of food and clothing, the Chinese people have now truly stepped out of poverty. The rapid development of China’s economy had surprised foreign friends!  In the following several days, students took courses on Chinese geography, history, culture and language which taught by Professor Xiao long ,director of the Office of International cooperation and exchange; Professor Zeng xianfei,from the Chinese Department of the Humanities school, Ms.Liu Liqiong, from the School of Foreign Languages.

    In the afternoon, accompanied by volunteers, international students took a campus tour and felt the academic life in JUFE. Later, they visited the Tengwang pavilion, which is one of the most famous pavilions in south China. 

As the renowned poet Wang Bo wrote, the falling clouds fly in unison with the lonely rush, the autumn water is one color in the sky, students stepped up to the highest and enjoyed  the beauty screen of Nanchang. The students also walked in the Qiushui square to enjoy the charm of Nanchang night. 

    Calligraphy and tea ceremony are the indispensable part of extensive and profound Chinese traditional culture during her lengthy five-thousand-year history. In calligraphy class, Ye Hui, the teacher in the Chinese International Education Department of the School of Humanities, gave an introduction on its long history of Chinese calligraphy and taught everyone how to write Chinese characters with a brush. Although everyone is the first to touch the brush, many students have studied very seriously and have begun to try to write his or her Chinese names.

    On the afternoon of 24th August, everyone went to the Liuyi Lady attic to experience the tea art. The antique tea table, the delicate and elegant environment, the exquisite craftsmanship, the intoxicating tea... all these foreign friends are intoxicated. At the end of the course, Emma from the UK said, “One period will be cherished in the first session. It will never be forgotten. I will always remember this wonderful afternoon, this lovely group of people!”


 The theme of the study on 23rd August was Chinese Kung Fu. They went to Wushu Hall to experience the charm of Chinese Kungfu. Under the careful guidance of Teacher Zhong Donggen, everyone gradually tasted the fun of Kungfu, which make the international students opened their eyes. 

    In the afternoon on the 25th August, the Table Tennis Hall was full of 27 Chinese and international students, who studied the table tennis under the guidance of two teachers, Zhao Jianqiang and Yan Xiaojiu. These two teachers personally demonstrated the movements, explained the knowledge of table tennis to the students in details, and guided them one-to -one to correct the technical errors. Soon, many of them were able to play several rounds.

    On the 26th August, the students went to Jingdezhen, the Capital of Porcelain in China and an outstanding brand of Jiangxi Province. The Chinese and international students visited the Jingdezhen Ceramic Museum together. The porcelain works of different dynasty displayed in the museum showed the great wisdom of the labor people in ancient China. Taoxichuan cultural industry Street’s dazzling ceramic products attracted the international students’ attention. Nour, from France, said: "I like them very much."

    In the morning of 28th August, the closing ceremony of the first China Summer Camp of Confucius institute of Coventry University was held in the conference room of JUFE’s Guest House. Dr. Jiang Guohe, deputy dean of the School of Humanities, and Dr. Zhang Xifeng, the Chinese dean of the Confucius Institute of Coventry University, respectively issued certificates to the Chinese and international students. At the same time, the video played on the big screen let everyone look back the first meeting of each other. Parting is always accompanied by sadness and reluctance, but they were looking forward to seeing each other next time!

    The Confucius Institute of Coventry University is co-founded by Coventry University and Jiangxi University of Finance and Economics. A cooperation agreement between the both sides was signed in 2015 and was officially launched in May 2016. It is the youngest Confucius Institute in the UK. The students from the major of Chinese Language International Education (International Business) of the College of Humanities participated in the reception as the volunteers. The Confucius Institute adheres to the philosophy of "harmony and difference". With the aim of building a harmonious world of lasting peace and shared prosperity, the Confucius Institute is committed to promoting the exchange and cooperation between  Chinese and foreign cultures.

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