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27 Foreign Master Students Visited the High-tech Zone


    In the afternoon of May 15th, the overseas students of the International Management and International Business Program (IMIB) from the School of International Trade and Economics, JUFE visited the Hi-tech Zone of Nanchang, organized by Dr. Ye Weihua, who taught the course “Management”.The visit included three major parts: visiting the alumni company--Nanchang Chunqiu Communication Technology Co., Ltd., visiting the exhibition hall of High-tech Industrial Development Zone of Nanchang and investigating the Wetland Park of Aixi Lake. 

    In the afternoon, the overseas students from more than 10 countries, including Mongolia, Afghanistan, South Sudan, Ethiopia, and Tanzania arrived on time at Nanchang Chunqiu Communication Technology Co., Ltd., located in the High-tech Development Zone. Mr. Qing Qiuyanga warmly welcomed them, who’s an outstanding alumnus of JUFE, and also president of the company. In the conference room, President Qin introduced the general situation of his company and the difficult process of running the business to the students. His persistent self-improvement and continuous innovation spirit deeply impressed all the students. And then, the general manager Mr. Zhang introduced in details the innovative business ----—the operation of smart city construction, which they were developing. During the Q&A session, students actively asked many questions, such as: how could the company’s managers manage the internal operating system to ensure high efficiency and high productivity? What were the company’s internal and external communication methods? What were the methods used to hire employees? The students had great interests in whether the company was planning to have international cooperation with “One Belt and One Road” countries, as they were all willing to be the partners in the future business development. For everyone's questions, President Qin gave wonderful answers.

    After visiting the Chunqiu Communication Technology Company, the overseas students visited the exhibition hall of Nanchang High-tech Industrial Development Zone, accompanied by a staff of the Management Office of the High-tech Zone. They watched the introduction video of the Zone firstly, and then experienced a variety of high-tech product samples produced in the zone. They greatly admired the achievements and dazzling high-tech products.


    Finally, President Qin accompanied the overseas students to investigate the Wetland Park of Aixi Lake in Nanchang. According to the introduction of the tour guide, Wetland Park was seriously polluted before. With the concept of green development, the local government strongly rectified all the polluting enterprises nearby and invested heavily in dredging the river, cleaning the water source as well as planting trees. After then, a wetland park more than 2,500 acres was built. With the improvement of local environment, many birds were attracted and migrated here every winter. At the same time, the government also made the wetland park a large ecological scenic spot, which was opened to the public for free. At dusk, the scenery in the park was so fantastic. The students were shocked by the beautiful views that they could not help to take photos.

    After visiting to the High-tech Zone and interacting with entrepreneurs, the overseas students not only had a deep understanding about the high-tech of Nanchang, but also learnt more about operation and management of starting up business. Every student expressed that they had the productive experience and benefited a lot from it .They looked forward to the next visit, which would allow them to experience the development of Nanchang in further way, understand the advanced management concepts and entrepreneurial experience, as well as lay a solid foundation for their own career development after graduation.

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