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The 17th Graduation Ceremony of JUFE-NYIT Joint MBA Program Was Held


    In the morning on April 16th, the graduation ceremony (also degree awarding ceremony) of 2016 Sino-US Joint MBA Program was held in JUFE solemnly. President Lu Fucai, Vice President Liu Xiaoli, Vice President Wang Xiaoping, Dr. Hank Foley ,president and CEO of NYIT, with his wife Dr. Karin Foley, Dr. Reinisch, acting Provost and vice chancellor (Academic)of NYIT , Professor Liu Xianfang, associate dean of Management School of NYIT, Professor Xiao Long, director of Office of International Cooperation and Exchange of JUFE, Professor Hu Yuchen, dean of EMBA Institute of JUFE with other guests attended the ceremony, witnessing the wonderful moments with 120 graduates. This ceremony was presided over by professor and vice president Wang Xiaoping.

    With the sound of the national anthems of China and the United States, the graduation ceremony was officially held in a solemn atmosphere.

    President Prof Lu Fucai first delivered a speech. On behalf of JUFE, he extended his warmest congratulations to the graduates of MBA, who had successfully completed their studies and received the Master of Business Administration degrees of NYIT. Meanwhile, he expressed his warmest welcomes to the president Hank Foley, vice president Lou Reinisch, Professor Liu Xianfang and the other guests. The sincere thankfulness was delivered to the teachers working hard for MBA education. Professor Lu Fucai gave high praises to the students with good studying attitude. In the past two years, the MBA students cherishing time and keeping studying had become the inter-disciplinary talents with strategic vision, international view and innovative thinking, under the leading of the teachers from JUFE and NYIT and scientific management of administrators. 


    JUFE already has 95 years history, who’s greatest glory is the alumni all over the country and the world. Today, the MBA students became the JUFE’s alumnus, which meant more pride and honor. Wherever the students are in the future and whoever they become, the cheers will be heard and the joy of success will be shared! Whenever they experience ups and downs, JUFE will always be a harbor for all the JUFE students!

    Then, Dr. Hank Foley, president and CEO of NYIT gave a speech with greetings to President Lu, distinguished guests, teachers and students of the MBA class of 2018. He extended the warm congratulations to everyone who had successfully obtained their degrees through hard work, and expressed his heartfelt thanks to JUFE leaders and all the staff of the joint program. He pointed out that as an important milestone, the 20th anniversary of cooperation between JUFE and NYIT were fruitful and intimate. What he expected to the graduates was that bringing knowledge, skills, and insights to the world, and using your intelligence and humanity to solve problems through technology and bringing benefits to humanity. In the end, he said “Gongxi” to all the graduates in Chinese!

    Representatives of the graduates of the class 2018 spoke one after another, revealing their gratitude to the teachers of the two schools for their hard work, expressing their determination of working hard in the future, and wishing the two schools a better tomorrow.

  Then the leaders of the two universities presented awards and congratulations to the outstanding graduates, which naturally showed their studies were affirmed. To express gratitude to the hard-working faculty of the two schools, and for the celebration of the 20th anniversary, Chinese and American graduates presented graduation memorabilia to each other.

    Finally, Liu Xianfang read out the Name List of the graduates of the 17th Sino-US Joint MBA Program. Dr. Hank Foley, president and CEO of NYIT issued the degree certificates to the graduates and took pictures with them.

    The graduation ceremony ended in cheers and melodies.

    It was reported that in the evening of April 15th, the MBA graduates with school leaders and guests held a “forever young” graduation party at the Royal Crown International Hotel in Nanchang.

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