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Welcome New International Students of 2018 Spring Semester


Up to March 12th, JUFE has welcomed 46 freshmen of exchange students and language students from the United States, Belgium, Germany, the Czech Republic, Russia, South Korea, Zambia, South Africa, Uzbekistan and other countries. Some new students were delayed due to visas, and will register in this week.

In accordance with the deployment of the International Office to do orientation work, the international students officially started their study tour in our school after the completion of a series of procedures including airport pick-up, check-in, entrance education, class selection, and physical examination.

On the morning of March 5, the freshmen education conference was held on schedule. Lv Ruju, the deputy director of JUFE, expressed her warm welcome to the foreign students who came from afar. She introduced the culture and geography of Nanchang, JUFE's history, the history of overseas education in China, study, life, and extracurricular activities of international students. Afterwards, some staff of the International Office introduced the precautions for freshmen of international students in detail, as reminding the students to pay attention to the validity period of the visa and the renewed handling procedures. Then the staff required that the students should strictly abide by the laws and regulations of China as well as the rules and regulation of JUFE.As for wishes, the staff hope all freshmen of international students could communicate and exchange their ideas with others from different countries and regions as well as Chinese students, in order to quickly integrate into JUFE. Finally, the captain of the international student volunteer team introduced the organizational structure of the volunteer team, various and interesting extracurricular activities to be launched in the new semester for the international students. His humorous language brought laughter to the audience and the atmosphere instantly became very joyous. Many freshmen of international students showed their keen interest to taking part in Chinese Corner, forming language partners, as well as visiting ceramic bases. 

After the freshmen education conference, all the freshmen of international students paid a visit to the campus under the guide of volunteers. Volunteers led the students to visit JUFE's hospital, hydropower center, teaching buildings, gymnasiums, supermarkets, banks and other places. At JUFE's hospital, volunteers illustrated the procedures and precautions for visiting the doctors in detail. At the gym, the international students learned how to use the various facilities in the stadium and the procedures of opening a membership card. Then, the international students watched the volunteers demonstrated how to use JUFE's card to enter the library and complete the process of book borrowing in the library. Finally, the international students visited the school history museum and the taxation museum under the detailed explanation of the narrator.

 On the afternoon of March 5th, freshmen of international students participated in the test of Chinese proficiency, selected professional courses and language courses, and opened campus cards, telephone cards, and bank cards. 

On the morning of March 6, the freshmen of international students went to the Inspection and Quarantine Bureau of Jiangxi Province under the organization of International Office and they conducted a comprehensive physical examination. All the freshmen passed physical examination and received a physical examination report. On March 7, the freshmen of international students formally started their studies at JUFE. 

On the afternoon of March 10th, one of the most popular activities organized by the volunteers, “Language Partner”, which was conducted in the activity room of the International Students’ Apartment. Volunteers and international students introduced themselves and formed a language learning partner. The paired partners will perform one-on-one assistance in language learning during the semester. In the next game session, unfamiliar foreign students and volunteers gradually became intimidated through a series of activities such as “drawing and guessing” and “grabbing the desk”. 

In the evening, a lively music sound was heard in the student's apartment activity room. The welcome party organized by the volunteer team of foreign students was held here. The freshmen of international students introduced their countries and experience to each other, and talked to each other with great pleasure. Some of them circled with dynamic music and indulged in music; some of them danced with music. The atmosphere there was lively and warm. 

The orientation work of this semester for freshmen of international students was successfully completed. On March 16th, international students will complete the formalities for the residence permit, and on March 22, they will participate in the activity of forming language partners with the teacher's family.

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