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JUFE Study Abroad Fair was held



The 12th JUFE Study Abroad Fair was held on October 14th. It aims to help JUFE’s students to study at abroad, go global and experience the world.

“Hello everyone, I am the representative from XX university of the United States. Our cooperative programs with JUFE include Exchange Program, CSC Program and Master Program, we are at the fifth stand on your left hand, welcome to consult.”


In the morning of October 14th, representatives from 30 abroad universities made a brief introduction to the staff and students of JUFE successively, and this also marked the official opening ceremony of the 12th JUFE Study Abroad Fair held by the office of international cooperation and exchange (OICE). The theme of this Fair was called“Go Global. Experience the World”, which was meant to build the platform for JUFERs to study abroad.



Prof. Wang Xiaoping, vice president, attended the opening ceremony and made a speech, Leaders from administrative departments and academic schools of JUFE also participated in the opening ceremony, Xiao Long, director of OICE hosted the opening ceremony.



Prof. Wang Xiaoping appreciated the representatives’ coming to this fair and encouraged JUFERS to go abroad bravely, catch the opportunities provided by our country and JUFE, exchange multicultural experience, broaden international vision and become an internationalized talent. Prof. Lan, from Strathclyde university of UK and Dr. Sarah Lam, director of foreign affairs department of California State university, Fresno of U.S made speeches as representatives from overseas universities, they spoke highly of this fair arrangement and the achievements JUFERs made in their universities. Besides that, they were willing to communicate with JUFERs and offer JUFERs opportunities to study abroad.



During the fair, representatives from each partner universities explained every question patiently that students concerned, including the country’s natural environment and public security, the hard and soft facilities offered by the partner universities, curriculum setting etc, and they professionally did consulting according to each student’s situation, JUFERs would much more like to take this chance to communicate with representatives from partner universities.

It is reported that this fair attracted 30 overseas universities from 11 countries, achieving the historic record as for the overseas universities that ever participated in JUFE Study Abroad Fair; this year the fair areas have been extended to Going Qing campus from Jiaoqiao campus and Mailu campus, so an increasing number of students from JUFE could get first-hand information about overseas universities and the whole 3 fair areas were immersed in an internationalized atmosphere. Thanks to the enthusiastic participation of students, the total number of people who joined in the fair has been reached at least 3 thousands.



Annually-held JUFE Study Abroad Fair aims to build close communication and cooperation with overseas universities in terms of different exchange programs between staff and students, improve staff and students’ motivation to study abroad. The fair has become a landmark and signature event for JUFE to start a new year’s internationalized journey, further enriched the JUFE’S internationalized atmosphere and left a brilliant mark for a series of chapters of JUFE internationalization.

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