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Graduation Commencement was held in JUFE




In the morning of June 28th, the scepter which is a symbol of academic authority of Jiangxi University of Finance and Economics was officially used and made its debut as the first act in JUFE’ Graduation Commencement. JUFE’s leaders, Wang Qiao, Lu Fu Choi, Jiang Jinfa, Liu Xiaoli, Yang Jianlin, Wang Xiaoping and Ouyang Kang, as well as You Bingjun, JUFE’s outstanding alumni representative attended the ceremony.



The commencement was started with a graduation- themed MV which consists of three chapters. Songs, poetry recitation and chorus weaved together, showing a gorgeous and magnificent ceremony. 


JUFE’s President Lu Fucai affectionately made a speech to all 2017 graduates which is focused on "dream it possible, down to earth ", he encouraged every student to keep the spirits of JUFE in mind, always serve for the society, and never stop trying to be better.



Top administrators of the university issued diplomas and presented alumni cards to graduate representatives. Moreover, outstanding graduates were awarded.

Graduate representative Jiang Xiaokang looked back on his four-year life in JUFE, and voiced that every graduate from JUFE was ready to be responsible for making a better world.

Teacher representative Wu Hui hopes all students can live a moderate "leisure life", that is, to keep time doing something for interests and enjoying the fantastic life.



On the commencement, graduates sent flowers as gifts to all the teachers and their parents. During subsequent live interviews, father of NORA ROOSJE NELE RIJPSTRA from Belgium, said "Hello, JUFE! Jiang Cai,你好!" to the journalist, showing his excitement and his gratitude from deep heart. Father of Liu Yingxi said, “my daughter’s performance made me believe that JUFE is the perfect one," he expressed his pride of her daughter and the confidence to JUFE.



We have more than 5900 students graduated in 2017. For all 2017 graduates, they received a new kind of degree certificates and diplomas independently designed by JUFE. It is a combination of the logo, the name, the motto of JUFE, and the symbolic sculpture of Rise and other unique elements in JUFE. Meanwhile, it’s the first show of that scepter which is a symbol of academic authority of Jiangxi University of Finance and Economics. The scepter is 100 cm high, which means JUFE is one hundred years old. For the scepter, with three-pillar tripod lifting the school logo, it means strong academic background and united cooperation spirits in JUFE. In addition, it means there’re so many great minds getting together in JUFE and we always welcome friends from all over the world. The school motto is engraved in all sides of the scepter, decorated by a kind of traditional Chinese pattern, showing the culture of "harmony". Bronze rings and columns with blue and white pattern, highlighted the characteristics of Jiangxi, the porcelain. Moreover, the pattern of lotus means such hardworking students and a prosperous JUFE.

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