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Commencement Ceremony of JUFE-NYIT Joint MBA Program (the sixteen graduation) was Held


On April 17th, the commencement/degree conferring Ceremony of JUFE-NYIT Joint MBA Program (the sixteen graduation) was held in JUFE, Qingshan campus. Lemma Selles, the vice president of New York Institute of Technology,Prof. Liu Xianfang, vice dean of Management School of NYIT,Prof. Xiao Long, director of OICE of JUFE,Zhou Mei, director of EMBA school of JUFE,Mr.Wu Liangping, vice dean of EMBA School of JUFE together with other relevant administrative leaders from both universities attended the ceremony. Zhou Mei, director of EMBA school of JUFE hosted the ceremony.

The ceremony started officially in the solemn national anthem, Vice president Pro. Wang Xiaoping addressed a speech at the first place on behalf of JUFE, extending his congratulation to all JUFE-NYIT Joint MBA Program the sixteen graduates with MBA degrees of New York Institute of Technology, expressing his gratitude to the distinguished guests from NYIT and paying respects to the devoted academic and administrative staff from both schools.

He spoke highly of students’ attitudes towards study and dream. He pointed out that JUFE-NYIT Joint MBA Program was an educational project of Chinese-Foreign Cooperation in Running Schools approved by the Academic Degree Commission under the State Council, China and granted an abroad degree. It has been 19 years since the first graduation of this program in 1998, the program can be a role model in provincial and even in national level and foster the mutual understanding between two universities. The program also trained more than 100,000 graduates with highly qualification, most of which have become the backbone of the workplace and the elites in business, politics and academic circle. Nowadays, there were a great amount of opportunities and challenges in times of China’s fast pace of economic development, he hoped that students could appreciate the opportunities with ambition, meet the challenges with the innovative sprite, realize the dream in constant pursuing, achieve career advancement and expected students to carry out great plans and performance in the future.

Afterwards, Lemma Selles delivered a speech, he expressed warm congratulation to students who graduated and successfully got their degrees and sincere thanks to all JUFE leaders and colleges who gave enough priority to this program. He emphasized that China is a world economic power and all of us are at the forward position in economics, this development would reshape and reconstructed the world market.  NYIT is an international school which is looking forward, he encouraged students to continue to study after graduation, apply their ideas, knowledge and skills to this international world and solve problems existing in every corner of the world with their wisdom and conscience by different approaches. In this foreseeable future, the new technology would change every subject and every industry, creating worldwide opportunities, tough challenges and huge returns, JUFE-NYIT Joint MBA Program would provide valuable and innovative approaches for science breakthrough in this unstoppable world market and also make a self-examination about traditional ways we practiced. He hoped that all people could hold historical responsibilities and missions to start on anew journey into the thoughts of the world. 

Two graduates on behalf of JUFE-NYIT Joint MBA Program gave speeches successively, extending great gratitude towards the devoted academic faculties from both universities and promising to strive for a better future for both universities in their respective positions.

The ceremony/degree conferring of JUFE-NYIT Joint MBA Program (the sixteen graduation) ended in a harmonious environment.

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