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Guests from Dalarna University of Sweden Visited JUFE


On April 25th, Dean of School of Business and Technology Studies Anders Forsman and Professor William Wei Song from Dalarna University visited our university. President Wang Qiao received the guests and discussed cooperation. Vice President Wang Xiaoping, Director of Office of International Cooperation and Exchange Xiao Long, Associate Dean Bai Yaoqing and Deng Qingshan of School of Software and Communication Engineering also attended the meeting.   

President Wang Qiao first warmly welcomed the coming of the guests and briefly introduced the development of JUFE. When reviewing the history of the exchange and cooperation between the two universities, he pointed out that our frequent exchange and mutual visits produced fruitful results. The summer school had built a favorable platform for the exchange between teachers and students from both universities; the successful approval of Chinese-foreign joint undergraduate programs had provided a broader scope for the two universities to engage in cooperation. President Wang Qiao expressed satisfaction with the progress achieved in our cooperation in recent years and his gratitude to Professor Song Wei for his effort and contribution in pushing forward the cooperation between the two universities. Concerning to the ‘3+1’ undergraduate program in software engineering jointly operated by JUFE and Dalarna University, President Wang Qiao suggested making it a brand of Chinese-foreign cooperative education programs. By attracting high-quality source of students through wide publicity and introducing overseas advanced teaching resources and excellent teachers according to the request of Chinese-foreign cooperative education, we would ensure teaching quality with small-class mode. President Wang Qiao also emphasized that students of the cooperative education programs should strengthen English study and take the opportunity to go abroad so as to learn more about our world.   

Anders completely agreed with President Wang Qiao on promoting the cooperation between the two universities and the position of Chinese-foreign cooperative education programs. He spoke highly of the robust momentum of our university’s comprehensive development and looked forward to the long-term cooperation and exchange with JUFE in the future. Cooperation in other areas was also covered in this meeting.   

After the meeting, the delegation led by Dean Anders Forsman had a further discussion with relevant people in charge from School of Software and Communication Engineering and Office of International Cooperation and Exchange. They exchanged opinions on developing cooperation in ‘Erasmus+’ program, and finally reached a preliminary intention. The two universities jointly signed a Memorandum of Understanding on the cooperation of ‘Erasmus+’ program between JUFE and Dalarna University, hoping to further deepen cooperation and exchange through this program and benefit the students of both universities.

During the visit, the delegation also communicated and interacted with students from School of Software and Communication Engineering, aiming to make JUFE students have a better understanding of Swedish culture and educational and technological notions, and help them get a closer look at education in Sweden so as to encourage them to study abroad for exchange.

It was reported that the enrollment of the ‘3+1’ undergraduate program in software engineering jointly operated by JUFE and Dalarna University had achieved a satisfying result since the formal approval of the program in 2015, with 42 students enrolled for the first year. This program was the first undergraduate program of cooperative education that got successfully approved, which marked a significant breakthrough of education internationalization of JUFE. It had played a key role in introducing and utilizing overseas high-quality teaching resources, and in subject construction and talents cultivation.

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About Dalarna University of Sweden   

Established in 1977, Dalarna University is located in central Sweden, merely 200km from the Swedish capital, Stockholm. Today it is the place of study for about 16,000 students and has close to 800 employees. Its two campuses - one based in Falun, one in Borlänge - offer a wide range of educational opportunities, including courses taught in both Swedish and English. Although many students take campus-based courses, nearly 50 percent of all students are registered in web-based distance learning courses, for which Dalarna University is nationally recognised as a pioneer. 

Dalarna University attaches great importance to academic research and works in close collaboration with related business and industry, as well as other renowned universities, to cultivate students for practical requirements. It is highly respected in Sweden for programs in education, material engineering (LCD), bio-engineering and so on. In 2005, Dalarna University was upgraded to the 11th comprehensive national university in Sweden.

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