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Vice President Led Delegation to Visit Universities in Australia and New Zealand


Invited by the Macquarie University, La Trobe University and Ara Institute of Canterbury, delegation led by Deng Hui, Vice President of JUFE, successfully completed the visit to these three universities from November 22nd  to 29th 2017. Li Zhilong, Professor of the School of Statistics,  Prof. Wan Jianxiang, Associate Dean of the School of Information Techonology, and Dr. Li Qing, Associate Dean of the International School took part in the delegation.


Pic 1: Ms. Leigh Wood, Vice Chancellor of the Macquarie University exchange presents.


During the visit in Macquarie University(MU), Vice President Deng and Mrs. Leigh Wood, Vice President of MU, Mr. David Harrison, Director of International Office, Ms. Cherilyn Liu, Manager of International Cooperation , Dr. Lorne S Cummings, Deputy Dean of Business School, Dr Rahat Munir, Director of the Department of Accounting, and Professor Yang Jian, faculty chief of Science and Engineering Faculty, had a cordial meeting.  After the introduction of JUFE history,current situation  and the purpose of this visit, vice President Deng indicated a good momentum and willingness to have further cooperation based on "3+2", "2+2" projects for expansion of communication at PhD level and apply fund from Ministry of Education of the “Optimal Undergraduate Program”. In view of MU’s strength in the accounting and finance, the two sides shared the idea of sending teachers for academic visiting . JUFE drew lessons from MU’s experience to apply European Quality Improvement System . Director Harrison highly praised JUFE for its schooling and gave full affirmation to Deng’s frankness and pragmatic leadership with the hope of extensive cooperation in business, humanities, art and other aspects like Deng’s hope in information engineering, statistics and laws. Through the joint efforts , Professor Yang Jian of MU was invited to the School Information Techonology of JUFE in December for further discussion of the cooperation fields and details.


Pic 2: Photo with Mr. David Harrison, Director of International Office of MU


Pic 3: Photo with the Section Chiefs of Business School of MU


Pic 4: Photo with Professor Yang Jian, faculty chief of Science and Engineering Faculty of MU


During the visit, Vice President Deng also shared a moment with overseas student representatives led by Wang Zhiyu from the "2+2" "3+2" projects made through the cooperation with JUFE and MU.  Deng deep undersood students for further familiarity with life and studies in the dormitory, library and gymnasium. Deng felt gratified of students' adaptation to overseas life and enthusiasm for learning in a relatively short period of time, stressing the health of body and devotion into studies.


Pic 5: Photo with the overseas student representatives of the "2+2" and "3+2" projects in MU


During the visit in La Trobe University(LTU), Vice President Deng and Anthony McGrew, Vice President of LTU, along with Amalia Di Iorio, Assistant Vice-chancellor, Nandi Lakshmanan, Director of Office of International Exchange and Cooperation, Chen Jianfu, Doctor of Laws, Professor John Makeham, Director of China Research Center, Heny Been-Lirn Duh, Professor of Computer-Science and Information- Technology Institute, and Han Xin, Director of International Confucius Institute had a harmonious talking. Vice President Deng introduced the history and current situation of JUFE, especially the achievements of academic teaching, scientific research and internationalized schooling, which kicks high in subject ranking issued by Chinese Ministry of Education and ranks first-class academic construction of Jiangxi Province. He also pointed out that in addition to main economic management specialties in JUFE, Information Engineering, Law and Humanities disciplines also have a leading position among domestic universities. He suggested that the two sides should promote cooperation in Business Studies as well as Information Technology, Statistics, Laws, Humanities, Public Safety, Ecological Environment and other fields. It was also proposed to promote teachers' visiting to LTU as an opportunity to improve the cooperation between the two universities. Assistant Vice President Amalia Di Iorio expressed high appreciation for internationalized schooling performance of JUFE in the hope of teachers' communication, ultimately promoting the cooperation between the two universities. Exchange of students, Dual-Degree Programs, postgraduate exchange programs, exchange of teachers and Chinese culture promotion were negotiated in details and  formed a memorandum of contract.


Pic 6: MOU Signing Ceremony between JUFE and LTU


Pic 7: Photo with Ms. Amalia Di Iorio, Assistant Vice Chancellor of LTU


During the visit in Ara Institute Of Canterbury, Vice President Deng and President Tony along with Ms. Beth Knowles, Director of Office of International Exchange and Cooperation, Dr. Mehdi Asgarkhani, Deputy Dean of Computer Institute and  Ms. Blacklock, Dean of Business School had a cordial meeting on students cultivation and internationalized schooling as well as exchange programs of student and teachers, cooperative research and concrete practice. Vice President Deng specially introduced School of Modern Economic Management  of JUFE and expressed his concerns on promotion of the cooperation between Ara Institute of Canterbury and JUFE, finally signned the memorandum of understanding.


Pic 8: MOU Signing Ceremony between JUFE and Ara Institute of Canterbury


Pic 9: Photo with relevant leaders of Ara Institute of Canterbury


Pic 10: Photo with Wang Zhijian, Consul General of People's Republic of China in Christchurch.


It is worth mentioning that at the invitation of Ara Institute of Canterbury, delegation led by Deng Hui attended the 120th anniversary in memory of Rewi Alley activities in Canterbury Art Center held by the Christian City Branch of Sino-New Zealand Friendship Association. Mr. Wang Zhijian, Consul General of People's Republic of China in Christchurch was invited to deliver a speech and had a short talk with Deng Hui, which added humanistic color to this visit.

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