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Guests from Stony Brook University Visits JUFE



On the afternoon of November 28th, Stony Brook University representative  Hubert Xiao and project supervisor Emma paid a visit to our University. Wang Qiao, Secretary of the Party Committee of Jiangxi University of Finance and Economics, and Vice President Wang Xiaoping met the guests and held a brief ceremony for the appointment of U.S. representatives for the international exchange and cooperation affairs with JUFE. Leaders from The Office of International Cooperation and Exchange, The Center for Teaching and Learning Development, The International School.and The School of Modern Economic Management participated in the activities mentioned above.



Firstly ,President Wang welcomed Hubert Xiao and expressed appreciation for Hubert Xiao's willingness to assist JUFE in promoting international exchange and cooperation with high-end American colleges and universities. He then pointed out that international cooperation is now an important function of universities and that the construction of JUFE  into a world-renowned high-level University of Finance and Economics requires a higher standard internationalization.
. In recent years, our University  has been keeping in accordance with quantity expansion, priority arrangement, structure adjustment and level promotion, which has actively promoted  internationalization and achieved remarkable success, though there is still much room for improvement. President Wang hopes that Hubert Xiao can take advantage of her own resources and influence to build cooperation platforms for JUFE to cooperate with famous American  universities in terms of joint student supervision, faculty exchanges, academic research and so on. Hubert Xiao said that his ancestral home is Jiangxi Province and that he knows JUFE well and is always  quite willing to make his own efforts for and contributions to promoting JUFU's international exchange and cooperation affairs. Subsequently, President Wang awarded the employment certificate to Hubert Xiao as the U.S. representative for the international exchange and cooperation affairs with JUFE.



Later, President Wang talked with visitors over cooperation details on “3+2” HULT-MEI Joint Program,  joint supervision of graduates, faculty training and exchanges, foreign teachers' employment and so forth. After the appointment ceremony, The two sides reached an initial cooperation intention and signed the memorandum of cooperation.



More Info
State University of New York at Stony Brook (also known as Stony Brook University), as the youngest university in New York State, is a public university located in Stone Brook and founded in 1957.  It is recognized as one of the top public universities in New York State in many publications and also one of the 62 members of the Association of American Universities. It ranks among the top 40 public research universities in the United States and the top 1% universities in the world.

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