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JUFE’s Delegation Visited to Universities in UK


Vice President Wang Xiaoping led a delegation to visit universities in UK including University of Essex, Coventry University and University of Strathclyde from November 20th to November 24th. Vice Dean of Modern Economics and Management School Chen Liping, Prof. Li Xiuxiang from International Business School and Prof. Wan Shuping from Information Management School took part in the delegation.



Firstly, the delegation came to University of Essex on 21st and Executive Dean of Essex Prof. Sasha Roseneil warmly welcomed them. Then Wang Xiaoping signed a memorandum of cooperation with University of Essex on behalf of Modern Economics and Management School. Subsequently, the delegation attended a formal meeting with six professors, including Dean of International School Dr. Dominic Micklewright, International Cooperation Assistant Sally Day and Coordinator of International Academic Liaison in Economics School Dr. Sheri Markose. They discussed a series of cooperation projects: MBA education, undergraduate exchange programs (“2 + 2”and “3 + 1” programs), joint training programs for masters and doctors as well as academic exchange programs for teachers.



On the morning of 22nd, the delegation came to Coventry University. As members of the board, Wang Xiaoping and Dean of Confucius Institute Zhang Xifeng attended the First Council of Confucius Institute (2017). Prof. Xiao Long, director of Office of International Cooperation and Exchange of JUFE, also participated in the council online by WeChat video. British members of the board of Confucius Institute at Coventry University actively responded and accepted several suggestions from Wang Xiaoping such as to improve a strategic partnership between two universities, to develop several courses for undergraduates or postgraduates in International Trade and Economics, etc.

Being concerned about teachers and students in Coventry University, the delegation came to visit them before the council, also attended the symposium with Zhang Xifeng, other Chinese teachers, volunteers, visiting scholars and students from JUFE. Zhang Xifeng briefly reported the pioneering work that the Confucius Institute had accomplished as well as challenges they faced in the past year. Wang Xiaoping kindly congratulated on their achievements, and expressed his appreciation to Zhang, all the teachers and volunteers for their efforts. After the symposium, the delegation headed to visit Nicholas Chamberlain High School and observed Chinese classes of Bai Yijing, a volunteer from Sun Yat-sen University, the enthusiasm of all the students in class infected the delegation. Therefore, Wang Xiaoping represented some parts of the class impromptu, he also sent his own works of calligrahpy as special gifts to the school principal, the academic dean and three talented students. The school principal thought it so precious that he would definitely frame and well preserve it. As both sides emphasized the importance of win-win cooperation, they also discussed possibilities to build up cooperative relationship between Nicholas Chamberlain High School and the affiliated middle school of JUFE.



On 23rd,  Wang Xiaoping and Dr. Ian Wooton, Associate Dean of Business School at University of Strathclyde, renewed the memorandum of cooperation. The delegation also discussed the cooperation between different departments with Dr. Ian Wooton, Associate Dean of Humanities and Social Sciences School, Dr. Mark Ellis, Senior Lecturer in Accounting and Finance School, Dr. Leilei Tang and  Prof. Maozu Lu, Dean of Chinese School.

During the visit, the delegation made a special trip to visit Long Feihong, Liang Shuang, Wan Qian and some other students. They are graduates from JUFE who participated in the “2 + 2” programs before and now study for their masters’ degree in the London School of Economics and Political Science. Wang Xiaoping asked them to give some advices about JUFE’s education and they unanimously thought that JUFE helped them to obtain a solid foundation in study. Therefore, students from JUFE studying abroad were well received by universities at abroad. In addition, they all felt so grateful to JUFE and would never forget the best time there. The delegation also paid visit to exchange students form JUFE in University of Essex, Coventry University and University of Strathclyde. Students there are all very outstanding. For instance, three students studying at University of Essex all got average scores above 90 points, ranking the first, the third and the sixth in their department. Among them, Chen Yuxuan, who ranks NO.1 in the Economics School, would be highly recommended by professors of Economics School to study in University of Cambridge for master’s degree. Xie Zhibo, an exchange student from JUFE at the University of Strathclyde, served as the president of the student union and received award for Outstanding Graduate of the University of Strathclyde. At that time, he has already achieved graduate admission to the University College London.

Though the schedule was really tight, the visit was highly efficient and fruitful since it achieved such a good foundation for JUFE to its further exchanges and cooperation with partner universities in UK.

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