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JUFE Students Studying in the UK Were Widely Praised for Their Excellent Academic Performance


Recently, a delegation of JUFE leaders led by vice-president of JUFE, Wang Xiaoping, visited Essex University, Coventry University and the University of Strathclyde, other accompanying leaders included Li Xiuxiang of the International Business School, Chen Liping of the Modern Economics and Management School and Wan Shuping of the Information Management School,



During the visit, the delegation led by vice-President Wang paid a visit to some JUFE students exchanging in these schools. They are Long Feihong, Liang Shuang, Wan Qian, students representatives at the London School of Economics and Science(LSE); Chen Yuxuan, Zhang Qilin at the University of Essex;Xu Yiwen, Yu Lusi, Peng Wanqiao at the University of Coventry; Zhang Zeya, Zhang Xinyi, Tao Yunxuan, Zhong Qiujiesong at the University of Strathclyde etc.



Thanks to the "2 + 2" talent training project co-operated by JUFE and LSE, these three JUFE students could complete their undergraduate degree overseas and receive the offer from LSE to study further because of their outstanding academic performance. Besides the students mentioned above, some of the rest students sent from JUFE came with scholarship from China scholarship Council and some with distinctive level of learning, all of whose learning competence gained wider acceptance at overseas universities. For instance, the three students studying at the Economics Department of University of Essex ranked first, third and sixth respectively with an average score of more than 90.Among which, the top student, Chen Yuxuan from JUFE’s Institute of Finance, was strongly recommended by the Institute of Economics of Essex to pursue a master’s degree at Cambridge University. Xie Zhibo had studied international accounting at JUFE, then exchanged at the University of Strathclyde with perfect grade, proudly she served as the chairman of the 2016-2017 Chinese Students and Scholars Association of that university. During her tenure, she won the best cooperation of the Students Union of the year, hired as student ambassador of Chinese social media of the school and won the honor of one of the outstanding graduates. As a result, she received the offer from the University College London (UCL), known as one of Britain's five super-elite universities (G5). Her interview was posted on the official homepage of the university of Strathclyde, which can encourage many more overseas students to honor JUFE.



Vice-President Wang Xiaoping made warmly greetings to each overseas student, showed concerns about their studies and life, and took great delight for the achievements they made. He suggested that they should catch up every opportunity to pursue a doctoral degree. Students expressed deep gratitude to Vice-President Wang Xiaopong and JUFE delegation and thanked  JUFE for caring so much about their development. They promised they would struggle for JUFE and wouldn’t make their Alma Mater disappointed."It is like a family reunion when meeting with Vice-President Wang and my JUFE teachers, thanks JUFU, who can bring me a sense of belonging no matter where I am." said Chen.

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