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International Students Experienced Chinese Tea Culture in School of Tourism and Urban Management




    On Dec. 8th, invited by Zou Yongwen, the dean of School of Tourism and Urban Management, 20 international students of Chinese language training program experienced Chinese tea culture in Mailu campus. Xiao Long, the director of OICE also attended this activity.



    Students from Tea Art Performance Team formed by School of Tourism and Urban Management presented performances of Kungfu Tea and Lei Tea. After the introduction of the basic knowledge and tools of tea-making, one graceful tea specialist dressed in a cheongsam showed the 21 steps of making Kungfu Tea. All international students were staring all the timeat the delicate purple-grit tea pot and tea cups in her hands. This was followed by the performance of Lei Tea. Two tea specialists in Hakka costume mashed the tea and the six raw materials (peanuts, sesame, licorices, tangerine peels, white sugar and mint) in a big bowl as the first step, and poured some hot water into the bowl to make the tea as the second step. Attracted by the sweet smell, international students took the tea bowls and tasted the tea one by one.



After the wonderful tea performances, international students started to learn how to make Chinese green tea. They imitated the teacher to make their own tea step by step: Firstly, put the green tea into the heated glass, wash the tea with hot water quickly, and then pour the water into the water pot. Secondly, pour 3/4 hot water into the glass within the washed green tea, and filter the tea into gongdao mug by tea strainer. Thirdly, pour the tea of gongdao mug into pingming cup and taste the tea in pingming cup. Besides the way to make Chinese green tea, the teacher also shared some rules and manners of tea culture with international students:for example, you could only fill at most 70% of the tea pot when you make the tea, and you can tell someone’s moral quality and personality through his manners and gestures of making the tea, etc.



    In the end, Zou Youwen told internationalstudents that they are welcomed to make the tea, taste the tea and learn the Chinese tea culture here any time. Meanwhile, they are also welcomed to study further in School of Tourism and Urban Management after they successfully finished their Chinese study.

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